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Help with venturing into the Abyss!

So after failing to ladder with Faie and suddenly having the great urge to play Swarm Abyss I decided I would like to have a little help for it.

I have every major swarm staple except Grim War and I don’t think Revenent is too common anymore so I dusted him after the nerf.

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I’d recommend visiting @miguelosz and @deathsadvocate threads. Also, decide if you want to play hyper or a more lategame orientated swarm.


u should do spikey stuff too tho uwu

I mean- well it won’t get you v far in ladder, but still fun.


I do spikes with gate. Is fun


I used to, it’s why I have a level 46 abyss, Burn Cass was the shit man!


This is what I play in ranked. You can replace Grimwar with DFC, and remove Revenant for 3rd one. If you want to play a faster game, replace bloodmoon with zyx, chackram with soulshatter and gibbets with replicants. Also, if you are removing chackram, then you can replace 9moons with swarm and thorn+variax with gloomchaser

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Which kind of swarm do you want to play? How slow?

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It’s probably the lists that the curves end with 5.

Ok. I won’t recommend you miguel and death, cause they are already summoned and you probably know of their existance.

So, this deck is fun and rather good:

Also take 3 of my decks. They all kinda work, even the hybrid one. I place in the order from fastest to slowest:


[tough swarm]MTozMDEsMzozMTAsMzozMTcsMjozMTgsMzozMzEsMjoxMDk3NSwzOjEwOTg3LDE6MTEwMzgsMzoxMTA4OCwzOjExMTI1LDM6MjAwNDksMzoyMDA3MCwyOjIwMDcyLDM6MjAyNzIsMjozMDAzOSwzOjMwMDUx


1-off Bastion is anti-rebuke tech. Jammers are arguable. Maybe some hard removal in place of them could be good.


This one is in the test phase currently. But Frenzy Illusions and rush frenzy 3/1 sparks are a thing. Wanna fit wraithling swarm here somehow.

or this iteration of the same deck.
[arcaswarm 2]MTozMDEsMjozMTAsMzozMTcsMjozMTgsMzoxMDMwMywzOjEwMzA1LDM6MTEwODgsMzoxMTE1MiwzOjIwMDQ5LDM6MjAwNTcsMzoyMDA3MCwzOjIwMTMzLDM6MjAyNzIsMjoyMDMzNCwzOjMwMDM5

Hadn’t decided what’s better yet.


For midrangey swarm, I think (besides the turn 1 plays and finishers, of which you should choose what best fits your playstyle) the key cards are Chakram and Mentor. Vorpal is a strong midrange option too as always but unfortunately suffers in a Vet-dominated meta.

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Vorpal is one of my fav abyss cards. :smiley:

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I also have a special relationship with him as I crafted him as a 1-of very early on back when I started playing. I won countless of matches in Bronze/Silver against confused opponents :smiley:

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What about Shadowdancer? Midrange swarm IS shadowdancer for me…


Yeah definitely, if you can fit her to the deck’s curve Shadowdancer is never a bad option.

So this is my (untested as I have yet to get home) modrangey swarm list, do you guys mind critiquing my list?

No crypto to pair up with furiosa? Since when does lilithe cut crypto?


Tfw I forgot crypto existed. :sweat:

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If midrange, then cut the vorpals and crescendos.

Add some hot 2x soul grimwars
And 3x cryptos

Tbh this list should be completely overhauled. Its really bad to be midrange, you want to either be hyperswarm or big abyssian. You dont want a conflicted deck.
Its almost like saying “l wanna run c wisp and mana dgrip in my burn faie list!”


I’m broke and I mentioned that I had everything but them.

Completely unsure of gibbet usage in such a list. He is not swarm. Alchemists is kinda your own preference, not an autoinclude.

Could work, but I believe shadow dancer is better than deso in swarm.

All in all, I have to agree with artist - I would be surprised if this list works.

And crypto is a staple.