Help with Starhorn deck


Hello, recently, I’ve gotten interested in playing Starhorn, but I having trouble trying to improve the deck because I am fairly new and low on spirit. I’ve been hording any and all cards I get from orbs while only disenchanting if I have over 3 copies of that card.

What are some common or rare cards that I can try crafting to improve my deck?

Additionally, are there any epic or legendary cards that I should try to obtain in the future? I am currently aiming for 3 copies of vindicator and spelljammer.

I am open to any and all suggestions and ideas that you may have.

The deck that I am currently using is:

I would greatly appreciate any help that I can get; I wish to eventually get better at the game.


Ill look over your deck a little further and edit this post with more information as I see issues, but at a glance you have way too many spells. You never really want to use more than 15 with Magmar


Ah, I remember the days not too long ago. I’m a fellow Magmar player since day 1, and you will come to appreciate the faction staples. I’m not as familiar with starhorn, but the two generals play essentially the same so my suggestions should be sound.

-Flash Reincarnation: This card is great at lowering the mana requirements of your burst and letting you play big creatures for cheap. Also combos great with Sunsteel Defender, if you want a cheap way to climb.

-Natural Selection: A very powerful removal spell, especially if you are already controlling the board.

-Young Silithar: Essentially the best 2-drop the faction has access to, for good reason. Rebirth with serviceable stats gives it good staying power, especially versus decks that use early control.

-Elucidator: One of the most powerful burst cards in the game, especially when combined with Flash Reincarnation and Thumping Wave. Very dirty combo and can easily close out games.

-Thumping Wave: This card will essentially sit in your hand until you have lethal, because not only does it provide 5 damage out of hand, it can be used to eliminate big threats. Turns minions into a 3/3 battle pet at the end of the turn it’s used. One of the most powerful removal cards in the game because of its versatility.

-Plasma Storm: Another incredibly powerful removal tool. In a game dominated by aggro, it is one of your few defenses. It is obligatory that you use the “muah” emote if you wipe an opponent’s entire board.

-Decimus: This is for you, Starhorn. Essentially what the entire deck centers around. Flash Reincarnation lets you get it out faster, and it of course combos with Entropic Gaze and Volcanic Spikes.

-Makantor Warbeast: The true savior, praise be unto him, x3 no matter what your deck is.

Edit: There’s other good cards of course, like Rancour, and Kujata in some decks. Also you should try and get x3 copies of most cards when you start building your collection up.


Hmmm, looks complicated to make your deck more consistent, but the easiest 1st thing that you can do is to craft 3 makantor je… I mean warbeast asap :smiley: that filthy animal is …amazing


Kujata and phalanxar? In the same deck? :smile:

Anyway, for new players usually i would say it’s better to play hyper consistent decks with only 3x (even if you have the legendary/ultra strong card in 1x i would not play it, except in some cases like makantor)

i usually take 9 “usable” 2 drop (by usable i mean playable on turn 1 going first, possibly something that doesn’t die to bloodtear :wink: )

I would add some saberspine for daretide frenzy combos and burst in general.

And @buddybluebomber said more or less all the other things you’ll need to know as starhorn

(Oh, i almost forgot, starhorn really synergises well with mechaz0r, you don’t even really need the chassis so it is very cheap to build)


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