Help with Sajj?


So, right now I play some janky Songhai list I put together myself that just combos out with Adjudicator’d buffs (like it seems many do (I’m pretty new, like 3 weeks playing, sorry if that’s wrong)) and it seems every single game I win is by clawing inches or drawing a game-tipping card at the proper moment. Assuming my deck is good, I don’t think this should be happening, because I’m only in gold, where player skill is a larger generator of uncertainty than it would be in higher leagues. I think it’s reasonable to say, then, that I am not exactly the greatest at Songhai deckbuilding, and really don’t want to netdeck some top-tier list (it’s sucked the enjoyment out of more than one card game for me).

Therefore, I’ve decided to switch to Sajj. I like a lot of the Vet cards, I like her ability, and I like artifacts. So, why not put them together? Before I start throwing dust into this, though, I would appreciate some opinions.

Here it is:

I roughly based it off of this deck by ferenzy, whose end goal is a combo with Time Maelstrom and Aurora’s Tears. It looks like a pre-Shim’Zar list, so I put in goodstuff. Some notable changes from the original list-

  • Dioltas in the place of Primus Shieldmaster - I’m not certain whether this is an acceptable substitution. Primus is hard pressure the moment it’s played, when you have artifacts equipped, but the tombstone is bigger to help block your face.

  • Falcius and Pax for Healing Mystics and Rock Pulverizers - Like I said, goodstuff. Falcius is great in Sajj decks, and especially one utilizing artifacts.

  • Sand Howler and Sojourner for Artifact Hunter and Sand Sister Saon - I don’t really know how I feel about this; I just think Sand Howler is a solid card which lowers the curve which is MUCH higher than what I’m used to, and Sojourner helps with the draw (there is almost none otherwise)

  • Nimbus and Oserix for Grinchers - I sort of just want to play with Nimbus, but it’s probably a bad idea as it feels like I’m losing the deck’s focus. Oserix, however, I think is a solid addition.

  • Spinecleavers for Stars’ Fury - I don’t know how powerful Stars’ Fury is, so if this is a mistake, please tell me. It seems like it could be a relatively versatile board clear/finisher, and if there’s anything I like about the Songhai, it’s versatility, so seeing something similar somewhere else would be great.

My main hangups are these -

  • Do Sojourner and Sand Howler deserve a place in this deck? If not, what do I replace them for?

  • Is the loss of Grincher too much? If I did include him, say for the Sand Howlers, would my curve shoot up too high? If I replaced him for Nimbus, would I be lowering the power of the deck?

  • Dioltas or Primus?

Once these questions are settled, it seems like there might be something worthwhile here. Thanks for reading this reasonably sized post, and if you’re so inclined to leave any suggestions or criticisms, thank you doubly so.


This deck is so painfully slow I don’t see it winning against anything in the current. Like, the primary goal is to win the artifacts and secondary with big minions like nimbus and aymara but the tools that enable that just don’t seem to be there. This kind of seems like a mixture between control and artifact Sajj but worse than both.

If you remove oserix, tracers, tears and maelstrom and replace them with more early game and stuff like krons, third aymara and maybe a couple of entropics and a domwil, you’d have a pretty good control deck. And if you remove stuff like oserix (it’s a bad card in either archetype), spines, dioltas, nimbus and arguably some other cards and you replace them with things like staff and some early game removal like maws and repulsors you’d have a decent artifact deck.

Sand Howler simply isn’t good. Soj is fine if you’re running midrange but spelljammer is prolly better in artifact deck. Not sure is Grincher consistent enough to justify being in the artifact deck, if it works for you then by all means do use it.

Dioltas and primus are both great. Dioltas is slower and doesn’t have immediate impact so I say run it in the control and run primus in artifact if there’s room for it, which I don’t think there should be.

Current control sajj already runs 4-5 artifacts and they combo pretty well. If you really like artifacts, should that be enough?

Anyway, this is the thread I was referencing when I was talking about the artifact deck. It’s pre patch but I think it’s the best build of it yet and it just needs to be updated with some new cards. About how viable is it in the current meta, that’s a whole different story unlike control sajj which is definitely a good deck.


You can check out the deck that I’ve made.

I already tried the artifact otk decks but sadly it does not work well for the current meta. The chances of pulling the combo and surving is very low. Also your deck lacks 2 drops for the ealy game.

If you really want to continue this deck replace sand howlers with healing mystic. Sojourners with spelljammers. Remove 2nd wish then replace with 2 drops (primus, rock pulverizer, shroud). Then replace oserix and nimbuses to kron.


Sorry for the late reply, I got wrapped up in arena.

but the tools that enable that just don’t seem to be there

Can you explain what you mean by this? Bear with me here, but in the list you posted it looks like that would be Spelljammer, Bloodtear, Mystic and Repulsor Beast, yeah?

Could you give an example Control list as well?


Yeah, you got it right. Tools as the cards that make the deck work. Usually it just implies cards that focus on survivability and controlling the board till you can execute your game plan. But in this case, since you want to basically run two decks in a single one, you also lack the core cards of both and having the option to adjust your playstyle between the two isn’t enough to compensate for having each of those playstyles being gimped by the lack of cards. I elaborated all of that above, hope it makes sense.

Control deck would look something like this. There are various different ways to build it but in their core they’re all pretty much the same. Check out the existing threads if you want to see other versions.


(Based on this deck, found on Manaranks)

So I feel like Artifact OTK Sajj is sort of like a trap, since it’s far too inconsistent to use. The one I linked was a control deck, so feel free to take a look at that.

If you must, however…

-Oserix needs to go. He’s too late to do anything. Replace with 1 Circle of Desiccation or Dominate Will depending on how late you want to go. (Hint: Circle is for ultra-turn around, Dominate Will is for mid-late game.)

-Your minions scream “midrange” but your artifact OTK is lategame. To remedy this:

-Replace Nimbus with Kron. Might sound unintuitive, but you need as many provokes as you can.

-Sand Howler is really kinda useless. Try dropping him for 2x Entropic Decays and a 3rd Scion’s 1st Wish.


I don’t think so; both of those control lists are really attractive :v

I don’t have enough dust for all of either, so I’m going to be making a few small adjustments (~6 cards)

Thanks for cluing me in on this, it’s definitely a better idea than what I had. Especially seeing as I was actually pretty sick of combos anyways.

I’ve gleaned quite a bit from this thread. Thanks, everybody. I appreciate it.


The deck is too slow and with the meta becoming so fast, you’ll die before even drawing your artifacts.

I would take out:

  • Dioltas
  • Sand Howler
  • Sojourner
  • Nimbus
  • Oserix
  • 1 Spinecleaver
  • 1 Pax


+1 Circle of Desiccation
+2 Hexblade
+2 Primus Fist
+3 Rock Pulverizer
+1 Aymara
+3 Grincher
+2 Primus Shieldmaster

Spinecleaver is too slow for this kind of deck. I would take it out completely for another Hexblade. Nimbus is slow as well and it doesn’t provide Sajj with any Synergy. Oserix is Trash tier.

The early to mid game is the most important part. Rock Pulverizer as turn 1 + Second wish on your second turn is a great opening. You can also accelerate and drop a Shieldmaster, if it survives, Second Wish it. Primus Fist is an early game control.
Grincher draws cards and guarantees artifacts. Hexblade is there to deal with the mid-game fatties and combo with Time Maelstrom + Aurora’s tears, and Circle of Desiccation to wipe the board once you have equipped some artifacts or to stall some time waiting for your combo. I also prefer Spelljammer in this kind of decks.



I main vetruvian, not to say Im like a “SUPER PRO ULTIMATE” player, but I made it into diamond rank 1 atm. If you may, could you tell me what suits your place style more? Artifact is out of the question because the current meta just goies face, face, face with no thinking involved. So you have obelysk zirix (quite consistent and not much thinking is required I must say), Control Sajj (you need to know how to pilot this deck properly with situational cards or not you’ll end up pulling your hair out), and midrange zirix/ sajj (the ladder is filled with these for the relatively easy difficulty and consistency).