Help with Sajj beatdown/control budget-ish deck


Basically the idea is to have a lot of control through provoke, dispell, destruction, and using all these minions as blockers, and occasionally swarm damage. Control also through Sajj BBS and artifacts. Win conditions are basically through wearing down the enemy with decent creature damage, artifacts, flying, and blast.
I’m silver 18 and broke, tho this is my main deck, so I’d like some suggestions for affordable improvements right now, as well as ultimately what I should add. I have some one offs because I only have 1 copy of that card etc.

3 Scions first wish
3 ephemeral shroud
2 healing mystic
3 pyromancer
3 rock pulvariosor
3 staff of yi’kir
1 orb weaver
3 saberspine tiger
1 soujourner
3 entropic decay
3 hailstone golem
1 hexblade
3 primus shieldmaster
2 thorn needler
3 wind shrike
1 starfire scarab
1 war talon


I really think you should lay off Sajj atm, it’s one.of the most expensive decks to build, especially control Sajj. And if you dont want to get extremely frustrated on the ladder cause we don’t have good ranged removals, I suggest you don’t play her until we get some new tools. But try searching “happy cat vetruvian”, there are a ton of decklists there for you to get reference from.


I have to agree with snowwy. Good Sajj (or really most Vet lists atm) are primarily built upon epics and legendaries. Its an extremely expensive faction right now.


Sajj is my favoriate general by far. I think I’ll main songhai ,so Ill put more resources into that, but I want to have this deck as a secondary at least cuz I have a lot of fun with it. If it’s not the most competitive until I get rarer cards that’s fine, and I’ve actually been pretty successful with it.
Can you give me some recommendations to help me improve it?


This is like the first deck i built with sajj when i started playing, it should bring you easily to mid silver (15-14) and if you learn how to use it properly even 13-12 (If you don’t like some cards feel free to swap them as you wish, right now should be balanced enough)

This is not so accurate as you’ll probably find some diamond players grinding for gold on lower ranks.

I suggest anyway to focus on your main faction when you start playing, have fun :slight_smile: .

Oh, and if you find some thought to share as a new vet player or just want to see some “top tier” vet decks just go on the “The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread”.


@edward4244 deck should be nice and using only commons and pax as the only rare you can do some nice stuff:


Tbh nothing at the moment is working for Sajj. Right after the siphon nerf, everyone tried the old list and maybe swapped out siphons for other dispels etc and to no avail. So Midrange and control Sajj is pretty much dead. Artifact OTK Sajj is still able to pull off the otk combo, but it’s very inconcistent, has less than 50% win rate and the aggro on the ladder will pretty much make you rage quit. And Im trying out my own Sajj decks, if they work, I’ll let you know.


I am starting to really appreciate Dust Wailer. I have a nice Nosh-Rak deck now and he fits in well. If you take him into account he does win you games :slight_smile:
Plus he blows away BMP which is a huge deal for Vetruvian.


This is the current Sajj deck I’m running. I’m climbing through Gold. It definitely rewards proper play. You will be punished, hard, for misplays.

Vetruvian’s lack of any global response makes it the most difficult faction to pilot. It’s not for the faint of heart.


If you can get Bloodborn, here’s a list made up of commons, with Pax as the sole Rare slot addition outside of the Bloodborn cards.

“Beatdown” and “Control” are terms at odds with each other. This is just a solid budget midrange list. Use Raes to grab springs and accelerate into 5 drops. Gifts is just a solid value play to look for finishers.


I have had some good luck with YOLT Autarch Mech Sajj, if you have the Mech set and Rise of the Bloodborn. No Astral Phasing or Time Maelstrom or Aurora’s Tear or other fancy tricks, just double damage to the face on curve. =S

Mech set, champion of playing all six factions without much Spirit. =S


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