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Help with my nonconventional decks


The first concept is based on something I saw from Chunkpapa,My little twist is the abjudicator and sky phalanax. It is really a mess but I have had some fun games with it.Sunbound Pavise is probably the card that can most go I just wanted to test it out.

Here is a sample game

The next deck is theme sort of thing I call it “Panda Control”. It is really silly but surprisingly it has kinda been low key working. I have been problem finishing games with it ,I had one spiral tech in deck.

Here are two sample games


Help me tweak my memes into something more solid


What are you going for in your brome deck? Besides you wanting to put in Phalanx, the rest of the deck just confuses me. What do you want from your deck??


The point of the original deck was to be spell heavy control that countered Magmar by playing very few minions and buffing the ones it has pass plasma/rebuke line…I tried do the same thing but add greedy late game for other matchups


Some thoughts then:

-Crypto maybe for early stall or buffed post-Call To Arms?
-Silvergaurd seems susceptible.
-It seems that you have so few minions to allow yourself a real opportunity of utilizing Afterblaze.
-Lasting Judgement (+3 Atk, -3 Hp) seems suitable for control and could be used in conjunction with Arclyte Sentinal. Going with Sun Wisp and True Strike (or Maw) may be extra/alternative approaches.
-Sunstrike at most seems like a 2 of to me as it seems meh pre-late game and not as necessary post late game.


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