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Help with Lyonar and Magmar decks

Hello mates!

I´m back at Duelyst since January/February 2016 when I was playing with basic decks, unlocking cards, leveling factions and so on. Now I’m playing with this stuff and the bloodborne cards. So, I’would like to ask if there are any tips for deckbuild using bloodborne cards and basic ones. I have some crafted cards (blues) that were good these days but now are pretty crappy (I guess) like jaxs and similar.

I’m playing on silver with this:

and another old aggrommar

Another thing is if there is any suggestion for disenchants to pool for some spirit

Thxs for your time!
Happy new year!


Looks pretty solid, once you have more spirit though you should definitely craft some Holy Immolation. Its an Epic so its kinda expensive but that card is extremely strong. I would say prioritize crafting at least 2 of those and1 or 2 Arclyte Regalias.

I haven’t tried Cryptographer all that much, but I imagine that it would be the card to replace.

Also, you are very loaded on 3 cost cards. Scintilla fits less in aggro then it does in Healyonar, or mid/lategame decks so I think trading that out for more 2 drops might be good. I like Primus Fist in Lyonar, as it is basically Roar with a body attached to it.

Disenchant Guides-

Best of luck, glad to see that you are returning, and let us know if you have any other questions. Also, post your magmar list for us to pick at. Aggro lists in general are pretty cheap and Magmar is no exception

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BIG thanks to you BlankTrack for your answer. Greatly appreciated!

This is the magmar deck which I’m using:

Crappy curve for that try hard aggro deck I guess…

I think the Magmar one is pretty good. I generally don’t play aggro, but from what I have seen around here the only thing missing other than the somewhat expensive Makantor Warbeast is Thumping Wave. 3 Mana +5 AK is insanely good on Elucidator. Just bring the general down to 13 HP, and Thumping Elucidator+ General attack closes out the game.

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I’ve been maining Lyonar lately and it’s a ton of fun. Personally I don’t think Cryptographer is super great in Lyonar. If used well you can proc two heals with Scintilla or get crazy burst damage with a lion, but I just find I’d almost always rather be putting something else down, but that’s just my opinion.

Martyrdom is a bit of a relic nowadays, and since most Lyonar lists aren’t tuned for the lategame, it’s not the best removal due to how it stalls the game. Sunbloom + Tempest/Sunbreaker/Skorn + Tigers is almost always enough removal for me.

Otherwise, your deck looks fine, should be able to hit at least gold with little problem. If you’re looking for more cards I recommend Sunsteel, Dioltas, Arclyte Regalia, Bloodtear, Sunbreaker, Prism Barrier (ton of fun), Grincher, Skorn, Circle of Life, Primus Shieldmaster, Nightwatcher or even Exelcious is a decent card in aggressive Lyonar decks. Tons of options :slight_smile:

Oh, and 3x Holy Immolation is basically a must have. One of the best cards in the game without a doubt. If you want my lists or more opinions let me know, otherwise enjoy!


I’d consider replacing cryptographer with primus fist as it essentially fulfills the same function but at a cheaper mana cost and gives you a more reliable body

Also if you happen to come across draining wave in a bloodborne orb someday soon it’s also a good removal option you could utilize over martyrdom considering that your list is very tempo oriented.

Finally like other people have commented I’d work towards getting a full set of holy immolaton as they will essentially be a 3 of in almost every conceivable Lyonar deck and is an all around powerful card.

Good luck with your list, cheers!

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@all one jillion of thxs to everyone!

I’ve purchased the bloodborne pack so I have it all (auto xmas gift), some core blues and 800 spirit (maybe craft 2 holy’s?)

@whyb0t I’ve made some changes:

I’m lacking some dispels I guess

@themagma I have draining wave bc I have entire bloodborne cards. Which would be the replace for draining? I think Divine Bond and Afterblaze are redundant…

Have a nice day every1!

Craft and enjoy your Holy Immolation now before it is nerfed :slight_smile:

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Still looks solid! You’re definitely lacking removal though. I don’t like Draining Wave much personally, as the four damage is a big help to the aggro decks this meta is filled with, but that’s just my opinion.

One thing I would say is that you have 12 two drops, and I only run 8 in my deck and I don’t think I’ve ever skipped turn one.
Additionally, everything in your deck is a three of! You have a lot of good cards, but I would try only running 2x for Prism Barrier, Tempest and Divine Bond, and try throwing in 2x Sunbloom.

Removal in Lyonar is tricky. In my newest deck I only run 2x Sunbloom, 2x Tempest and 2x Tigers, but in the past I’ve run 2 Skorns or cut the Tempests in favor of Sunbreaker, basically the same thing for higher mana.

I don’t run Afterblaze in my decks but I know it’s a great card, so I can’t really say whether or not you want 3 of those in your deck. But yeah if you’re playing Lyonar you’re going to want 3x Holy Immolation as fast as possible.

Have you been playing the deck? How’s it been working out?

Actually this list looks very solid, I wouldn’t worry about draining wave in this second list. Its a better fit in you’re first list because Scintilla usually helps recover whatever health you’re losing from draining wave, also too that first list aims to end the game very quickly at which point the damage taken from draining wave shouldn’t matter because ideally the tempo gained should be enough to put you far ahead on board meaning that your only real worry is closing out the game.

for this second list I definitely recommend replacing perhaps divine bond for a playset of holy immolation if you find that divine bond isn’t getting you anywhere (that card has a tendency to stack in hand when you don’t even want to hold one lol) another option you could consider is utilizing arcylyte sentinel as that card can be very good at consolidating you’re hold on the board. its worth considering at the very least.

my suggestion would be to try cutting -3 divine bonds, -1 prism barrier, and adding +2 holy immolation (if that’s all you can craft for now, 2 is better than none) and adding +2 sunbloom/shroud, dispel really bails out argeon. Ultimately though its up to you to decide what you want to cut/add and if you find this list is already working and a lot of fun to pilot than its already a great list :slight_smile: Good luck on ladder!

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