Help with Lilithe Swam Deck


Have been hovering around Diamond using mid game vetruvian/lyonar…

Planning to try out Abyssian for a change, but feels like its lacking dispels? Also what are the chances of using the shadow reflection + blood baronette combo? @_@ Would you guys recommend Cass creep or Lilithe swarm =|?


Cass creep is a more solid deck, more consistent. On the other hand, I find de swarm deck more fun.

My suggestions would be:
Take these out
-2 azaleas
-1 lure
-2 soulshatter
-2 baronette (too situational)
-1/2 dark transformation (too expensive, but if you need more removal in your matches, you can leave one in)

Add these:
+1 ritual banishing (best removal you get)
+1 crescendo (amazing card altoghether, specially after you baited out some removals)
+1 grimwar
+2/3 black solus

Also, consider:
3 jaxi - amazing removal/dispel bait, and if you get it to stick, you can do amazing stuff with crescendo. If it doesn’t stick, there’s 2 deaths for you to watch
+1 shroud - shroud is just good :slight_smile:
2 shadow watcher: baits removal/dispel, and, if ignored, can wreak some havoc
Nightsorrow assassin - good in some MUs

Bloodtear alchemist and saberspine tiger are also some cards to consider


Don’t know why you have Azalea when you have zero creep.

I’ve been trying a Baronette combo deck. It is a bit situational. Does happen every few games though. Used as a finisher. Best when using with more than one buff. Works with primus too. Otherwise you might as well use 2 buffs instead, which can be used on any minion, not just a wraithling. So a pretty late game combo. Would only try for fun a deck.

Lilithe is fun. Not sure on Cass since I don’t have so many legendary creep cards :sob:


Abyssian does lack dispels, yes. But honestly we’ve got good removal options so 3x shroud should be all you need so long as you pick your targets correctly. You do need 3x though.

Blood baronette combo doesn’t really work. It’s really hard to get the board state where it really pays off. If you want to do stuff with baronette I point you to Sir althur’s lists, one of which is a decent zoo baronette which isn’t so all-in on the combo. His void steal list is also good, steal is pretty underrated in swarm. I wouldn’t run nightsorrow assassin without stuff like blood siren and void steal to ensure it gets value even in otherwise dead matchups.

You can replace baronette with tigers for tiger +deathwatch or shadow reflection combos, or you can take out both reflection and baronette and replace them with 2 drops. Pretty amazing that no one has mentioned Shiro yet, it’s not immediate trading damage but IMO it’s better than primus.

I would be hesistant to run 3x shadowdancer + 3x crescendo + 3x grimoire as Mickey suggests. That’s just a lot of game closers that can clutter your hand while not being terribly useful without a board. You’re already running more than 6 of them combined which I think is more than enough. Shadow watchers are definitely too slow, they take one turn to do anything and grow slowly when you could be using crescendo on a dispelled keliano or something to smash their face in. I would focus on shoring up your early game with shiros (absolutely must have) and then add 1 or 2x rite of the undervault as necessary to make sure you don’t run out of steam late game, which should be decent for you since you’re running a good number of fatties.

Anyways, that’s my opinion.


What about the shaman?
the problem is usually to get him killed at the right place at the right time, but with Abyssian, there are several ways to make sure it happens, and 1/5 wraithlings could stick a little long enough to voidsteal them or Blood Baronette them.


From my experiences recently, you would more likely want to use deathfire crescendo over grimwar, as crescendo can last a lot longer than the 3 durability on your artifact. Azaea isn’t necessary in this deck. With Soul shatter and shadow reflection, I’m usually hesitant to put both in a deck, but if it works, than go for it! If not, I would recommend dropping soul shatter, as it requires more setup. Vorpal may also be a bit slow for this meta, but I haven’t used it, so can’t say much here. I would reccomend adding Sojurners and/or Rite of the Undervault to make up for your lack of card draw, as Rite can be amazing in the late game, and Sojurner can be a prime target for Deathfire Crescendo and Shadow Reflection with it’s high HP stat, while giving you a draw everytime it deals damage. Also, for a more aggro version of the deck, Void Pulse can be good for artifact ping and healing, and Grasp of Agony can be a good addition for board clearing and for triggering deathwatch effects~


Yeah, getting azure horn shaman to die in the right place can be difficult. You could experiment with it but I think in the end the other two drops are better. The problem with consuming rebirth is that it’s a rather awkward card when you don’t have shaman in hand and sacrifice tends to make you empty your hand really fast. If you ran them + shaman you’d be running a very different deck from what the OP has at the moment.


I should clarify: I suggested cards that could see play in the deck, not to put all of them together.
Yes, 3 deathfire crescendo, 3 grimwar and 3 shadow dancer is overkill, and as akurane mentioned, crescendo is preferred over grimwar.

with that said, I do think 3 crescendo is a must. Extremely powerful card in almost any situation mid to late game if you’re using lilithe’s BBS consistently (which you should).

Some more considerations: Reflection over soulshatter and azure horn is not that good (been there, doesn’t really work), there are better options

AND YES! RITE! How could I forget about it? Use it! Craft it right away! At least 1, but preferrably 2