Help with Lilithe Deathwatch deck


I’d like help with my Lilithe Deathwatch. Deck image:

I started recently, so it’s still kinda semibudget deck. Looking for advice what to craft and replace next.

Deck currenty:
Bloodtear Alchemist x3
Sphere of darkness x3
Blood Siren x1
Daemonic Lure x3
Ephemeral Shroud x2
Gloomchaser x3
Soulshatter Pact x2
Blaze Hound x2
Deathfire Crescendo x2
Ritual Banishing x2
Saberspine Tiger x3
Shadow Watcher x1
Wraithling Swarm x3
Bloodmoon Priestess x3
Shadow Sister Kelaino x3
Shadowdancer x2
Vorpal Reaver x1


Blood Siren is bad so just cut it and play more regular 2-drops.

Shadow watcher is meh, so I would cut it as well.

I would replace Soulshatters for the Void Steals - they are way more versatile.

You should definitely work for 3 Spectral Revnants first - incredibly powerful faction-defining minion it is just too good not to run.

Addtional Vorpals will also serve you well - 2 are fine, 3 may be overkill, not quite sure.

Inquisitor Kron is pretty much a must these days - crafting 2 will do a lot of good for all your decks.

That’s pretty much it - other stuff is down to personal preference.


This is Infiltrator’s list

Personally I find a severe lack of removal in this list. I would do…