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Hello. I play Duelyst just one week and i need some help with deckbuilding. Today i hit Silver rank with basic decks, than i decided that i want something better…
OK than the main objective of this topic is to ask : If here is someone who can help me build some good cheap deck that can hit Gold rank.

If someone want to help me, I will be gratefull! :sunny:


A good starting place would be using Grincherz’s budget lists which feature every general. From there, improving your collection is really about what faction you really like playing. Best wishes.


also check out MegaMogwai budget guide on youtube he goes in depth on every faction really good stuff. it help me build decks alot


I prefer Abbysian, Vanar and Songhai… :slight_smile:


Here are some rule of the thumbs for creating a (somewhat makeshift) deck.

1: Run at least 9 efficient 2-mana minions, such as Healing Mystics and Primus Fists. They help you grab mana tiles and trade with your opponent’s turn 1 minions.

Note that minions with 2 health or less are much worse than those with 3 health or above, as a 2 health minion dies to a punch from the general, and 1 health minions could be killed by 1-damage “pings” by Bloodtear Alchemist, Blistering Skorn or Cassyva’s BBS. You still could run some copies of turn 1 2-health minions, but playing those on turn 1 are much riskier than playing a proper 3-health minion.

2: Include some forms of removals in your deck.

A list of removals types are dispels, direct damage spells/Opening Gambit, execution spells/transformations, and “soft removals”. You don’t have to run too much of them - including too many of these tech cards would leave you with a clunky hand. I would say that running 5 removal cards are good enough.

Below is some example of common removals cards

Good dispel cards are Lightbender and Chromatic Cold. Ephemeral Shroud is okay also.

Examples of direct damage spells are Pheonix Fire, Holy Immolation and Cryogenesis. Saberspine Tiger could be regarded as a 3-mana Pheonix Fire. For damaging Opening gambits, Dancing Blade is the best tech - a good 4/6 body and deals 3 damage (beware of your positioning tho) as OG. Frostbone Naga and Blightchaser are okay too.

As for execution / transformations, Egg Morph, Onyx Bear Seal and Ritual Banishing are the most common ones. Martyrdom and Dark Transformation are okay also.

What I mean by “Soft Removals” is effects that don’t really kill the targetted minion, but instead makes the said minion unavailable so that it is effectively “killed”. Repulsor Beast and Daemonic Lure allows you to push enemy minions to a far corner of the board, so that it takes them several turns before getting back to the centre of the battefield.
There are other forms of “soft removals” but they are a bit too situational: Beam Shock , Flash Freeze and Tremor stuns minions so that they lose an action for a turn. Sand Trap renders minion unable to move, and Blind Scorch and Dampening Wave allows you to land some favourable trades. You could try some of them as they may work out okay for you (anything could happen in Silver).

3: Include some ways to draw additional cards.

The addition card draws will 1. open up more choices for you to make each turn and 2. prevent you from running out of cards to play. The second effect is especially true when you have a deck with the a lot of low cost cards. e.g. you have 15 2-mana cards in your deck (you shouldn’t), so you’re probably playing 2 cards when you have 4 mana, and 3 cards if you have 6 mana - but you’re only drawing 1 card per turn.

Good card draws are Sojourner and Sworn Sister L’Kian. Scion’s First Wish, Sun Wisp and Cryogenesis are good “cycle” cards, i.e. draw 1 card as you play them.

4: Include some defensive measures like healing and Provoke minions. It doesn’t matter how good your deck is when your opponent rush you down quick enough anyways.

As for healing cards, Healing Mystic is a must-include card in most deck. The new card Azure Herald is nice also. If your deck is more late-game skewed, Emerald Rejuvenator, Circle of Life and Earth Sphere give larger amount of healing.

There are no neutral provoke minions better than Primus Shieldmaster or Dioltas. Personally I prefer Primus Shieldmaster over Dioltas as Dioltas is slower and is weaker to dispel. Some would run Rock Pulvertizer but I don’t like it too much. Ironcliffe Guardian is extremely strong, but it’s not a neutral minion.

Honorary mention is Aymara Healer. It has provoke, and has a Dying Wish that damages the enemy general for 5 while healing your general for 5. But it’s a legendary minion for Vetruvian faction so you, a relatively new player, probably don’t have it yet.

It takes time and practice to compose a good deck by your own. Looking up other streamers’ decklists would help you a lot to get a feeling of how to make a well-functioning decks. However since you’re relatively new, you probably won’t have the require amount of cards or dusts to copy their decks.

My personal preference: don’t blindly follow budget decks. Explore on your own and learn - it’s fun and rewarding.

I’m by no means an expert. I’ve played Hearthstone and Duelyst for some time, and remained as a mediocre player. I’ve hit Diamond in my most active months, but that’s nothing bragging-worthy.

Have fun with exploring this game, and hope you have a nice time here!


Thx man! :slight_smile:


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