Help with abyssian budget



i was looking for a new faction to start and while i was building an argeon deck i found variax and…well looks like abyssian is my second faction now.

Since my vet experience made my very hateful against cassyva, and since i rode all the comments about variax and how it’s not really this strong and all that yada yada.

So i was pretty excited to build a variax swarmy deck.
Now, i’m on a tight budget. I pull it of with a bunch of common cards, a sojourner and the rise of bloodborne expansion.

I know obviously that this is not optimized. I’m asking for constructive comments on the deck and a “to-craft-list” (starting with darkfire sacrifice :wink: )

So here’s the decklist:

Some cards i choose and why:

  • Punish: while ritual banishing is better, punish has the little mana cost advantage letting you cast it early while building a board (your general take some damage but it’s pretty good).

  • wood-wen: since we are trying to pop variax, it’s a good bait and it slows down the enemy play (like giving provoke to a wraithling and see your opponent waste the turn because of that)
    And anyway if you draw variax too late you can play both to have a 7/7 provoke and a 2/2 to cover up your pretty bum.

  • breath of the unborn: this is here just as a ranged minion removal and a bit of aoe help since grasp is not always that easy to trigger (and helps against some other swarm decks).

  • necrotic sphere: this is more a tech card against lyonar but it’s often a good 6 mana play the turn before variax (it gives you board and usually lets you breath).
    Oh, i almost forgot: it works against mechazor.

Toughts on variax: abyssians players are right, it’s really slow without ritual and on precedent versions of this deck was really easy to be outbursted before turn five and/or be forced to play reactively on 7 mana while having variax.
It isn’t difficult to draw it if you replace every turn form the start, 5 turns means 5 cards drawed and 5 replace more 2 replace and the 5 cards on game start that is like 16/17 card cycled without sojourner.
Now the swarm is taking all the hit to let you have some breath.

How to play the current version of the deck:

Play it safe safe safe since you don’t have a lot of healing, often enough you’ll end up letting your enemy take all the mana spring sadly, but if he waste turns on that you are good and the godly amount of removal you have can save you from almost everything.
That said replace ALWAYS until you get variax (since there’s little draw and more hurts the deck’s early balance a little), then, and only then, you are good to play as you wish, DO NOT replace it if you draw it on turn one it’s not so difficult to keep it in your hand until the fifth turn (and 7 mana).
Your goal is to drop variax while having at least 15 hp or so, the early swarm isn’t your wincon(sometime it is, but requires a bit of luck and bad draw/play/positioning of your opponent) is your bait to save your general from aggressive decks like aggromar or songhai and especially lyonar (be aware of makantor and play more safe against lyonar since they have tempest and more aoe than magmar).

On a side note: i playtested this deck for a week and something, i never played against vanar. I really have not idea on how to behave against them.

Edit: some grammar mistakes.


Here’s the Variax deck I ran for a while last season. It carried me to Diamond with little trouble before I swapped out this deck for a Lyonar hybrid one.

Horror Bursters are fun, but unnecessary (I built another two decks to enjoy them :wink: ). Sojourner is probably a fine replacement for Rite, Healing Mystic will probably be okay for now but Kelaino or Shadowdancer is really pretty necessary both to keep yourself alive mid/late game and to finish out games.

Necrotic probably isn’t necessary with all the removal you have, same with Punish and Breath of the Unborne. Shroud will do most of the same things for a cheaper cost and a free body.

Puppydragon and Grasp of Agony are okay, but if Variax is your wincon you need 3 of and you need 3 of Dark Sacrifice if possible. Ramping him out on turn two can basically end the game if your opponent isn’t on top of you with lethal lined up in under two turns.

DFC is in my deck as an alternate wincon if you just don’t draw the cards you need, with all of your BBS spam (especially with Cryptographer) plus the small minions you play, this can be dangerous at the right time. Shadow Watcher will do for now.

Woodwen probably needs to go. I see how you’re using it to stall, but most other cards just seem to stall better, especially Bloodmoon Priestess.

One thing to note about my deck is that I run a lot more wraithling synergy than most Variax decks, so you might not need what I have, but Wraithling Swarm is a must for Variax imo. 3 instant 5/5’s for 3 mana is just too good. A lot of Variax decks focus more on the healing and lasting until lategame while mine relies on swarming and keeping them busy with removal, then using that same swarm to accelerate Variax’s effect.

No matter what you do, get DarkSac, get 3x Variax, get some beefy healing minions, cut some removal and some 2x to get more 3x cards for consistency, and get Wraithling Swarm and/or Gloomchaser in there asap. Enjoy our glorious Grandmaster, and good luck!


I actually cutted wraithling swarm as i find that a little slow (or easily countered) on early game and a win more card after variax so…out.

Wood wen will probably go out yes. But i would not swap it immediately.
I’ll probably add the third variax when i craft darksac tho, I’m not having problem drawing it for now.

Healing, i fear putting kelaino and shadowdancer together as heal could alter the deck’s play imo.
I’ll probably put shadowdancer as it should work better on the early game were i need healing the most (but if i find that inefficient i’ll put kelaino or keep both)


Shadow dancer is kind of in there for the same reason DFC is. At 5 mana, I’m usually trying to ramp out Variax rather than play her. Playing her on curve is very rare


Wait, my bad.

I don’t know why i was thinking she cost 4 mana :sweat:


Mixup with Kelaino? The only thing I didn’t mention is Spectral Rev, but I’m sure you’ve already heard tales of the glory of this card



Seriously they’re that good almost every abyss deck runs two or more Spectral Revenants. That should probably your first legendary that you craft.

Rite is also a very useful card, but sojourners should suffice until later.
Stuff to cut:
Wood-wen: It’s fun, but not a particularly good card. Especially in this deck where you don’t have many things that benefit off of provoke.
Shadowatcher: You don’t have the cards to support him very well.
Dark Transformation: You already have Lure, and Punish. Most of the time, you won’t need more removal than that. The wraithling synergy isn’t worth the added cost.
Breath of the Unborn: The card costs way to much to be used as anything other than an anti-swarm strategy the added healing is almost never worth the cost in this game.
Horror Burster: It, like Wood-wen, is also fun, but it’s not particularly useful. You’d much rather be playing a Void-Steal or DFS or really any other 3 mana spell that abyss runs

Stuff to consider:
Void Pulse: Deals face, adds survivability. That last bit is very important in almost all control decks

Zyx: Zyx is a better Gloomchaser. End of story the added one health means the world to you as it no longer dies to: Skorn, Blood tear, Cassy, ephemerals, etc. sure you miss the buff on furosa, but that isn’t constant whereas Zyx will always have that two health, also it costs one less.

Ephemeral Shroud: Abuss doesn’t have dispel, you need dispel, ephemeral provides dispel. 3 of now

Sphere of Darkness: It may not seem like it would be useful outside of Cassyva Creep, but it is, also a 3 of

Wraithling Swarm: Not really good as a 3 of since its main usability comes early game to grab mana tiles, but it’s a good enough 2 of

Kelaino: As soon as you get it, put it in almost any deck not running Shadowdancer

Void Steal or DFC: Void steal without Priestess, DFC with.


Wraithling Swarm and Gloomchaser gain a ton of value with Variax, hence their play. Gloomchaser over Zyx because even though it’s slightly worse, you can Furosa the wraithling early or get a free 5/5 lategame. Playing Gloomchaser and Swarm early allows for stall (your opponent will panick, fearing deathwatch) and also gives you plenty of targets for DFS. There are better options that fill both of these tasks, sure, but these are the only ones that can also be used lategame to close out the game quickly with a swarm of 5/5’s, rather than run into the corner and hope you draw a Kelaino before you’re bursted down.


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