Help to improve my deck please


Hello guys!

I started to play Duelyst a few weeks ago and I want to try a Vanar deck as I got 3 legendaries for this faction. I like the idea of Kara buffing my minion so I tried to build a deck and this is it.

I think I want to play it mid rage but as I am f2p I don’t have many good cards yet. That’s why I would like to get some help of building. Tips how to play Kara will be welcomed!.

Thanks a lot for reading my post and trying to help!


This is what I have in my collection.


Not sure how much dust you have to spare, but you should aim for something like this:
Zyx and Glacial Elemental + Bonechill Barriers should be good too…


Try and limit to your use of 1 of cards really you would want 3 of a card for optimization. 2 of a card is sometimes okay for some cards. As someone already mention glacial ele bone chill is a excellent combo and even better with Kara bb. Voice of the wind usually gets dispelled focused really hard. Never play it by it self if you keep it. I forget the tree,s name but it’s a strong card if u have minions out already. The new zyx minion is easy to get works great with Kara bb and can lead to very big turn one plays I suggest 3 of those. Murkwood minion is okay but not as a 1 of in a deck. I’d dust that golem vanquisher if I was forced 2


thanks a lot! I don’t have much dust but I will take this into consideration!


Shameless self-promotion here, but for a guide to deckbuilding, check out for an indepth guide on deckbuilding


thanks a lot. I think i will disenchat that golem vanquisher and use it for crafting some of these cards


Thanks a lot! I really liked your guide and the website!


My two cents, there are some common cards you can use to abuse Kara’s ability like Zyx for example. I personally feel you could really benefit from trimming out some of your one of for consitancy. The Rhino for example isnt all that great, its too slow.

I would find a way to fit in 3 Dancing Blades, You probably need more removal as well, Hailstone Prisons are good, maybe frosburn if you ccan make a couple I would say the Rhino and the mirkblood isnt too hot.

so I would do something like this:

I would also check out Hsuku’s Stream, lots of great play advice, etc. He runs a great stream and is dedicate to helping everyone get better.


Thanks a lot for your answer! I will try this and check that Twtich!