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Help P.S. sorry for the horrible essay, but it something i wanted to say before I go back to leveling all the factions

I kinda of new to duelyst.

its more like i jump in to it, had my ass turned into mince meat and left cause i didn’t hit the appifanie to where i understood the game I’ve played a fair enough games to get me to silver and that where my rank career stop cause after that this is where I feel and see the bullshit i played this one game and the match was pretty even and then he wipes out this 4 mana minion and and like 10 3 attack and 2 health minions come out of know where and i just leave cause i didn’t have anything to counter it I’ve gone currently i’m on a 15 losing streak and i don’t think it is going to end. losing is not really the problem but its how you lose and i feel like it is complete bullshit OOooohhHH and the decks I’ve lost to are so fucking unfair. I will like to id met like 40% of the games i lost where my fault but those weren’t to absolute bullshit and i follow the budget deck lists and the beginner decks (i know that they are only there to give you a grasp of the game but i’m still lost ) list but its they only work against people who are in the same position and its frustrating to go against how are like 50x stronger then you and caught up to all those people is just a nightmare right know i’m just leveling up each faction while being hard stuck in silver i want to love this game and get in to it but i’m not feeling that fun and tactical game-play

so please help
InGame name ThoseCrocsTho


Sounds like you got burned by sirocco!

There are a lot of handy new player guides out there, and I have a feeling a lot of wonderful veterans are gonna drop by with good custom budget decks.

In the meantime, it would help us help you if you posted some deck lists you were playing (https://www.bagoum.com/deckbuilder is a good place to do this, or you could use the ‘export decklist’ tool and paste the list here) for deck help, or replay videos (profile -> match history -> share) for strategy help


Got Gold this month most games with a swarm deck no epic nor legendary. Suggestion: friend good players with budget decks and watch some of their games.
Learn positioning and replacing (very important), at the beginning you’ll loose to trial decks,it is ok. Do not care about rank, care about how you played.


i,ve been mainly using budget decks and tweaking them a bit (i think the tweaking part is where i messed up ) also the decks comes from duelspot thank you

and yes that is the card


I hate to say that cause I hate Magmar, but the best factions to learn the game are Magmar (Vaath or Ragnora, with latter being also arguably the strongest general atm) and Lyonar (Argeon or Brome).

I’m not a pro with any of these factions, but I’ll advice you to google budget Ragnora egg/aggro or Argeon divine bond lists. https://duelspot.com/ may be the place to go, cause it also has nice writeups to many budget lists written by pro players. Also @boronian may provide some useful links or do some replay tutoring if he still does that.

All in all, victories come with experience. I’m sorry I’m not ready to provide more meaningful help, but i sincerely hope you won’t give up on Duelyst, it’s one of the fairest CCGs out there in the sense that your positioning matters more than your deckbuilding in many occasions.

On the deckbuilding side, if you provide your most favourite decklists I’m sure many forum members may help you to strengthen them. You may use bagoum.com to make images of them.

EDIT. Nice, i screwed up. Both links are already known by the OP. Sorry for being a slowpoke :confused:

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Decks is only participating a smaller part to your win chance.

Your game skill is way more important.

I’d say at least 60/40 if not 70/30.

I offer to do a video replay analysis for you (did it for others in the past).

In addition to that I recommend either watching these videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOPz7KE-flc&list=PLRCl7PKTaKFOD7uqhv2dw24obRGK1ura8

or reading these guides: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/New_Player_Guides

(depending on what you like more but the positioning guides by GGH are really good, this is part 1: https://thebadmagmar.wordpress.com/2018/05/26/positioning-101-a-retrospective/ Rest can be found on the wiki I linked to)

(and thanks for the summon @alplod :hugs:)


BTW, @sbam, is the swarm deck Abyssian? I am interested to know what new Abyssian players use on budget nowadays. Care to share? It could also be useful to the OP.

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No problem thank you I’ll look into it

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Ok thank you I watch one of your videos it was like over thinking duelust I’ll try to send one in

P.S. I’ll send the one I lost

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My advice is to watch replays of your matches. Go into the replay with a clear head and go through what you could have done better.

Ask yourself things such as, could I position this minion better? Could I have played around the opponent’s card? Should I replace a card? What card am I looking for in this match up, if I replace? etc. Being able to realise and notice your own misplays and mistakes will help in the long run. Even if you ended up deciding that, even if you played better, you would had still lost that match you might learn something. Since tuning up your decision making and positioning, goes a long way in Duelyst. Even though Boronian is going to do a video replay analysis, I would still recommend you look through the replay yourself first. Then compare what you thought about the match to Boronian.


After a short private conversation…

I made a budget deck for the OP. 3 wins 0 losses in silver. 100% winrate!!!
Here it is:

[Golem budget]MTo0NDksMzo0MDUsMzo0MzIsMTo0MzQsMzoxMDk3OCwzOjExMDkyLDM6MTEwOTMsMzoxOTAzOCwzOjIwMTEyLDM6MjAxMTYsMzoyMDEyMiwzOjIwMTI1LDM6MjAyMDMsMjoyMDI2OCwzOjIwMzEy

My main goal was to make a fair deck which teaches the basics of the game while also being decent.

Please, tell me why is it bad if it is. Or how could it be made even less expensive. Or what better budget choice card be used in place of primal ballast. Or where the fck can I find budget magmar golem deck. I’ve definitely seen it somewhere.



ive got 25 spirt right now and i dont have money to spend

so i need to know i dont need in me collection

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Add me as a friend ingame (my name is Boronian) and then tell me your opponent’s name.

We have a great disenchanting guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RrGz2Cs0pfs5GkDLTSyL6WsZ1fgdcyaP_JyzRi8j4vY/edit#gid=0


It’s always nice to see new players! Coincidently, I have been working on some budget decks recently, so most of these topics are fresh in mind. It would help if you could identify one faction you want to focus on at first, in which case I could recommend specific decks, but in the interim here’s some generic advice:

  1. First of all, and the biggest point to make, is something Boronian said already: your skill in playing is by far the biggest contributing factor to your success or failure. In any new card game you need to learn about the commonly played cards, both to play your own decks better and more importantly, to know what to expect out of your opponents. In addition, Duelyst has the unique feature of the 2-D grid gameboard, which takes some getting used to. To this end I would actually recommend playing Gauntlet mode as the best way to improve quickly. You’ll learn positioning and get exposed to most of the lower-rarity cards without having to worry about crafting anything, and the reward system is pretty generous.

  2. The best factions for budget deckbuilding are Vetruvian and Magmar.

Each faction has certain staple cards that make their way into most decks, even at the highest levels. Vetruvian has more of these staples than any other faction, and they’re all at Rare or lower. By starting with this shell you have your deck halfway built and quite strong already, so you can fill it out with whatever else you have on hand and have success. Even beyond this, a lot more of the faction’s better cards are low rarity, such as the cheaper Dervishes and Obelysks, Bone Swarm, Staff of Y’kir, and Inner Oasis.

For Magmar, on the other hand, the third general Ragnora (unlocked by winning 10 games with Magmar on the ladder) has not only one of the best standalone Bloodbound Spells, but also a bunch of extremely strong synergy cards all at low rarities.

  1. Neutral cards are nice to have because they can go into any deck. Here are some generically strong Neutrals that that are good anywhere and can be used to fill out the mana curve in most budget builds.
    Basics: Bloodtear Alchemist, Healing Mystic, Primus Shieldmaster.
    Commons: Azure Herald, Cryptographer, Primus Fist, Blistering Skorn, Dancing Blades.
    Rares: Sojourner, Lightbender, Blue Conjurer, Grimes, EMP.

I would not call 3700 spirit a budget deck. A new player should limit the crafting to a minimum (and only versatile cards, so no juggernaut, and makantor craft only 2, you’ll find the 3rd eventually).

I am not a very good player (even though I could get S rank with my old account) in the wiki you can find a better versions of the swarm abyss, but since you asked, this is what I play, with the very limited amount of cards I have now.

You really need the 3xFuror Chackram, 3x Crypto, 3xFuriosa, Shadowdancer is also very helpful. Soulshatter is very very strong, maybe I should add a third one.

Edit - spelling


Thanks for adding me, I just watched your loss vs Hirum and stopped after the mulligan. It already showed me something I can give you advice on :slight_smile: You always want to have a 2 or 3 drop in your hand to start the game (as player 2 preferably a 3 drop). And Bloodtear Alchemist only counts in emergency cases. So you should have replaced 2 cards instead of only one.

I will try to do the video for you during the next days but I have to go back to work tomorrow, so it gets more stressful again now :frowning:


thank you and don’t stress your self out

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I did it today. Hope it is helpful to you!


Funnily enough another replay analysis went online today. May be helpful too.


Some people might hate me for saying this, but in my personal opinion the best way to learn the game is to play Wanderer. ^^; When your collection is small, and you’re not even sure yet of the playstyles and factions you like, it doesn’t make sense to commit to making one deck. Even if it’s a budget deck that costs like 3K spirit or whatever, that’s still all of your spirit gone and you might not even end up liking the deck. What’s worse is that if it’s, say, a Lyonar deck and your quest for the day is to play 4 Abyssian games, you don’t have an Abyssian deck. So you can’t complete the quest for the gold unless you risk your rank, which means it ends up taking even more time to build a collection.

My advice is to invest the 1200 spirit into just crafting Wanderer. You will get it back eventually when you open enough Mythron orbs. Then you can start with something like this:


As your collection grows, you can make changes to the deck one card at a time. Along the way you will also be able to complete every faction quest.

That’s just my personal opinion though.