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Help me with sajj


As some of you know, I recently took off for the fun side of vet (different variations of sajj artifact).
But I can’t seem to do very well.

So I come to you, give me every good decklist that involve sajj artifact, trail or no trail.


See even sajj is thinking.


4wl made a good Spinecleaver deck, I recommend it if you want a good fun Sajj deck:

I personally changed a few things in my version of the deck (added Zephyr and cut Rasha’s Curse and some Falcis). It does still have the problems of all Spinecleaver decks i.e. your bad matchups are very bad but is otherwise fun to play.

If you just want the best Sajj deck possible then play Fault Sajj. No other Sajj deck comes even close to that.


if there’s one thing i will not play is fault sajj, i played fault for a few games, felt violated and left it.


Chiming in a little here, bobe Swarm is almost a must-have in this meta due to the prevalence of Ragnora. It’s not half bad against other decks either.

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What is bobe swarm?

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Boneswarm at a guess. Surprisingly Boneswarm has been rising in popularity last season. I say surprisingly because for a long time I didn’t see anyone run it besides myself and Vet wanderer decks.


I think the problem with Sajj is that her BBS is both reactive instead of proactive, and has only limited range. She shares these qualities with only Ilena, and it has proven to be not the greatest combination to say the least. And although it can be compensated for somewhat via proper deck construction, her support cards (artifacts) largely have the same problem. Consequently, even though Vetruvian is a relatively strong faction, it can be a struggle to build a good deck that feels “Sajj” and not just something that would be better with another general.

That being said, there are still some decently powerful Sajj decks out there. First, here are a couple of reasonably optimized artifact-based lists by AlphaCentury (although be warned, he prefers not to run Blood of Air):

AlphaCentury’s ArtiSajj

AlphaCentury’s Spinecleaver Sajj

The best uniquely Sajj deck in the meta right now might be Aggro Sajj, which has the standard aggro tools but also runs the package of Accumulonimbus + Fireblaze Obelysk as a dedicated finisher. I haven’t really played any fully powered up version of the deck, but I tested out a budget build some time ago and it’s surprisingly effective: when people see you’re playing Sajj they often try to beat down your face pretty heavily, but here it plays right into your gameplan.



Finally, if you want more ideas, there was a small thread on Reddit a little while ago about someone getting back into Sajj that should be relevant to you: https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/comments/e2q3gu/returning_player_with_a_deckbuilding_question/


Nice writeup as usual! :slight_smile:

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Ty all.
My trail deck was built as the pre need trail and got into a spiral, Now I see why.

BTW - does wraith considered a good card? What about gust?

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In short, wraith is bad. Gust is good in aggro and dervish.

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Ohh good, you helped me spare dust.
What about the buff lady the vet elyx?

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This is the only Sajj artifact deck I run besides the occasional trial. Pray to RNJesus cause this deck can be both god tier and crap tier depending on pulls. Thunderclap can really shine here. Also can let you be Trial completed Sajj without the trial thanks to Neurolink. Major problem for your opponent when you BBS with Frenzy/Blast and Thunderclap. I’m sure this isn’t quite what you’re looking for but its something different I suppose.


“rngesus pilot the deck” is the new “jesus take the wheel”


Incinera is sadly not that great. I really like her, but she is only good against Vaath these days and I wouldn’t run her just for that.

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Sorry for the mild necro, but this seemed like a good thread to gripe for a bit: Sand Sister Saon is such garbage.

I’ve been experimenting with budget decks recently, and have been trying to include each of the Sisters in at least one build. As Legendaries that are relatively easy to obtain, they’re mildly flashy cards, so I thought it would be cool to make something for them. For the most part I’ve found a home for everyone (although I could use a better idea for Keliano, the best I’ve come up with so far is Budget Xor and she’s passable there but not ideal). The one exception is Saon, who feels so bad all the time. She feels much worse than Falcius in the same mana slot, which is crazy when you consider that she was buffed once and he was nerfed once to get there. Even in decks in which I’ve maxed out Falcius and try to fit in a couple of copies of her, she feels so awkward and dies so easily without contributing much.

What would she need to be playable? I have a pretty low bar, so I don’t think it would take much: I’d be happy with just 1 more attack. 1 more health would be even better. If her static ability were a permanent Opening Gambit instead, that might make her actually good. As it is, her stats make me weep to play her.

Does anyone have advice on what to try with Saon? Any decks to share in which she actually does something meaningful? Anything at all would be appreciated.

This idea I quite like for a meme deck. I’m going to try a version that goes even heavier on the RNG tokens with Golden Mantella and Kron.


Play Saon in a Fault deck with Synaptic Arbitrage so that Kha can obliterate any general?

Being serious, I don’t see a way to make good use of her. As you said, Falcius still outclasses her and I would probably run Windstriker before trying Saon in any deck. I do think that your suggested buffs could make her playable.


God help you. But those 1 mana Keyword Pets make combos 10x easier. Should try Kron myself.

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I feel like the only place to truly get use is Sajj and artifacts cause atleast with BBS it counts as two extra damage on minions. Maybe a few Scions to build on that 4/4 body. But you’re right. Looking at things like Scintilla or Ragebinder who are 3/4 at 3 mana, its hard to argue for Saon.

I actually think putting her in Xor is a slot you could using for a Dying Wish minion. If you complete the trial, you’re almost guaranteed the win barring some unusual circumstances. Here’s my attempt however. I just threw this together in a few minutes and ran some minor tests for mechanics and… it works surprisingly well.

The concept is simple, get as much healing as you can in small bursts making your general nigh unkillable. For each enemy damaged by Riftwalker, get 1 health! For each enemy on a Creep by the end of your turn, get 1 health! Get one health every time you BBS and two from Ooz each turn! Got a nasty swarm? Shadow Nova and earn that cash money. Now this deck could certainly use some tweaks as I only spent a few minutes building it, but the idea seems solid in concept. I’m now tempted to try an Arcanyst Cass deck and test to see if Nightshroud triggers multiple Kelaino procs… Would be a killer 9 mana combo.


here to give a slight update on the matter.

i’ve been looking at the ideas you gave me and worked out an half baked version of the idea of the deck i like to run.
here it is -

i cruised fairly easy with it out of gold and into diamond 4, but i’ve been hitting a bump for some reason.
i’ve tried to focus the deck mainly on the finishing combo: tears, hexblade, maelstorm with reach and healing.
plus spinecleaver for creating problems and the normal big chunk damage output boneswarm and litd.

i feel like the inconsistent parts comes when i either don’t aggro as much as i want before the 7 mana mark, or getting provoked/ don’t draw the pieces when needed.

what do you think? i thought about alot of stuff but the base is always the same, will look like this most of the time -

maybe i’m mistaken somewhere here? Either this or I’m just tilted because of all the fucking try hards.

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Try Tracers. Better than Incinera in my opinion. Can jump out of provokes and stuff or close in to smack.

Wind Striker is good. A body and an artifact. Can fly around to pick those heartseekers who are trying to pick your artifacts.