Help me understanding crafting


I’m quite new in duelyst and I’m struggling with the crafting system. How do I get those crafting orbs ? Do I have to get 100 gold for a orb and so repeat it 40 times for 40 orbs and then craft a common card ( 40 orbs cost) ? Thanks for the help


the orbs and crafting are connected, but seperate
orbs take gold to get and opening them gives you 5 random cards.

in your collection you can disenchant cards(above basic rarity) for spirit. this removes that card from your collection.

then you can use that spirit to craft new cards. the amount of spirit needed is decided by the cards rarity

beware, disenchanting grants you less spirit than it would take to craft the same card


crafting costs spirit not orbs
each orb contains 5 cards on average you can disenchant those 5 cards to get 215 spirit if i remember correctly.

if you go to the crafting interface when clicking on a card you have option to craft it or to disenchant it if you have some copyes of it. dienchanting gives about 1/4 spirit of what the card costs to craft so be carefull with what you disenchant.

prismatic cards disenchant for the craft cost of card of same rarity so it’s safe to disenchant those if you need the spirit.


An orb contains random cards, simple.
Those cards can be destroyed ( disenchanted ) for Spirit.
Spirit can be used to make cards, so you don’t have to buy orbs.

The cost to make a card differs with its rarity:
-Common : 40
-Rare : 100
-Epic: 350
-Legendary: 900

Here’s what you get when you disenchant:
-Common: 10
-Rare: 20
-Epic: 100
-Legendary: 350


So, I only get spirit by disenchanting cards ? Appreciate your help, guys


you can also get spirit from gauntlet wins, but not much.


Basically, yes.


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