Help me to finish my vanar deck


I want to build vanar deck based on coldbiter card.
I started to build something :

Can you help me to finish it even if you can replace some card that doesn’t seem necessary.

After your remark I build this deck :


I like the Wisp to ramp out your Grandmaster, but with such a low curve I’m not sure if it’s worth it. You need 2 drops, probably Crystal Cloaker, and you could use a few Skorns as well. After that you just need to clean up your curve. Dancing Blades, perhaps? Or a Meltdown wincon?


Mogwai made a deck based around this idea:

Also, here’s the video of him playing it:


Frostburn and Blistering Scorn for mass removal.

Artifacts go well with Concealing Shroud. Try Snowpiler or White Asp. White Asp and Winterblade may be helpful if comboed with Coldbiter.

Bring in some “standard” minions for Faie also. Stuff like Crystal Cloaker and Snowchaser are must-include in most Vanar decks.

You may want more removal options. Aspect of the Wolf is a versatile one: you can use it both offensively (transforming a Gravity Well of yours into a wolf) or defensively (turning smth like Aymara or Noah-Rak into a relatively harmless wolf). Repulsor Beast is a nice option also.

Since you’re including quite an amount of walls in your deck, you may as well add in more wall synergy, like Winter’s Wake and Blazing Spines.

Lastly, you need some card draws. I like L’Kian and Crygenesis. Some others prefer Spellbender or Sonourner instead of L’Kian because of the consistency (Cards L’Kian pull may not be too helpful)


I like the idea mass of aoe with Meltdown as finisher. Yeah actually grandmaster doesn’t fit well in this deck


If you. Want to build around it maybe not have 2 of in a deck. Cold bitter works great with as so get three of those. You don’t need crystal wisps that much you. Could go with a icy for more lock down or bone chill couple those with a razor back and that’s a good turn burst
Plus bone chill can be used to deny mana tiles early or later.


I’ve tested Meltdown myself - probably the best finisher for Faie - basically a spiral to the opponent’s face, if the board is clear.


Just 3 things I think I would change:
Bloodtear : we have enough removal and it can be convenient when you drop it late game.
gravity well : I dont see the point to lock early.
sworn sister : too much rng.

I would also put maybe “grove lion” to keep max of time your artefact. I think about “silhouette tracer” because your opponent will try to put you in bad positioning.
And my last thought was to put “Twilight sorcerer” instead of sworn sister even if I never saw this card in any deck xD.

Other cards:
dioltas, frostbone naga, bonereaper


Gravity well can take two orbs at once, and in general is very disruptive to your opponent’s early plays. Plus it is pretty decent in the late game and has good synergy with Enfeeble (the walls become 1/1, which in their case is an upgrade).

Also I will defend L’kian to the death - do not forget we have replace so even if you pull complete garbage, you will just delay your draws, not get dead cards. And since in-faction cards are generally more powerful than neutrals, you will get pretty decent stuff on average, not to mention get opportunity to play with some fun underpowered cards if you get them in the right circumstances.

Bloodtear I do kinda agree with, I think that card is a bit overrated and I won’t personally run it in control decks.


I believe silhouette tracer is a must because when you run out of conceling shroud you can go out of range of ennemy with low life and finishi him with bbs.

Here is what I am playing atm:


Tracer is kinda bad - the stats are meh and you can still get finished off with direct damage and rush minions chain-summoning.

I think you need to include more artifacts to make it viable. And with more artifacts it will be a different deck.

Not to mention you can just Shroud yourself and go for it, if you finish your opponent with BBS soon.

I think your deck has a bit of identity crisis - you have aggro cards like Loremaster and Naga, and at the same time control-style cards like Shroud, Bonereaper and Enfeeble. I would just commit to one idea, I think that would make the deck much more consistent.


In that case I should put one winter’s wake because this deck can be heavy wall.


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