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HELP ME PLS (15chars)

I’m using steam versiona and when i open duelyst my account was logged out and i cant open it because it says account already linked. does someone knows a way to fix this?

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you’re most likely in the link-account tab and not in the log in tab

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you should be logging in here

and not this one

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im logging in at the one you said it doesn’t still work

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Could you post a couple of screenshots describing what you do?

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Thank you guys the problem is ow resolved, turns out i just need to restart duelyst for couple of times until it shows my account, thank you again for those who reponded


So what i’m getting is, “ 2 reddit tabs for Men, 3 4 for Duelyst (2 on the forums, 1 for the login, 1 for email?), you’ve heard of what happened to the Notre Dame as well (RIP monumental artifact of gothic architecture), 1 for obfuscation, 4 for facebook, and 2 docs one of which is for your course in business information systems (that’s what cs stands for right?)”

That’s a lotta tabs

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yeah, i found this reddit thread called MTGOW, which i find hilarious what with them using “we live in a society” unironically :joy:

yup 3 one’s this thread, and the 2 screen shots. i forgot what the other one is for

yup :frowning: glad it’s getting restored tho. hope that goes well.

writing “hello world” in inane manners

i seriously dont know why i always end up with so many fb tabs

the acronym doesn’t even match that :rofl: where did you get that?

I have a problem


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