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Help me improve my Icy Golems Deck


A couple of years ago, I have seen a rather potent Vanar Deck utilizing the superior ramping and control abilities of Vanar to deploy a large number of giants golems in a short period of time to beat the enemy to death with them. While I can’t remember the exact composition, I decided to build my own with a degree of success:

Simply, I want to know how to make this deck better, because I know it can be better.

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I’m not a Vanar main so take what I say with a grain of salt or at least until other vanar mains chime in.

The biggest problem I see in trying to make this deck work is that this is not an inherently bad deck but that Vanar has enough ramp to play some way better late game cards. And if they don’t draw them, they can usually survive with removal utility minions.

With your deck, you can certainly ramp out these golems easy enough, but compared to playing a card like Ice Age/Emble on turn 3 followed by a Wall’s Wake is much stronger.

And this is not to mention certain card’s absence in this deck the most notable being Malicious Wisp.

EDIT: I feel a bit bad to completely dump on your idea, the best advice I can give is to just take this deck and try it out on ladder, see what needs fixing or if its just altogether bad. This is assuming you have the skill to reach diamond with a decent deck. If you are still relatively new then you should try to learn to play the game a bit more so you can know what makes this deck good or bad.


I’m not sure there’s really a point in playing Golems in Vanar. Ramp is weak, and even if you do manage to pull it off, you’ll be better off playing other minions like Embla or Seraphim. I can’t think of any notable Golem synergies in Vanar either. I’d say if you want to make a Golem deck, your best option is Vetruvian, or maybe even Magmar.

But if you still insist on playing this archetype, I suggest you take out the Vanquishers for a set of Celebrants. Aspect of the Wyrm seems like an odd choice as well, so I recommend you take that out too. And if you want to Ramp, I recommend you run Malicious Wisp; it’s good. That’s about all the advice I can give for now.


Put a few Hearth Sisters.


As a vet main, a golem package is typically used to maintain hand advantage while supplementing the early game with decent bodies. If you’re trying to build ramp, ditch golems in favor of more standard vanar.


I wonder if this is were you saw it ages ago:

Jeez SEVEN of that decks cards were nerfed. Pretty drastic overhall for the update:


Two drop golems and wisp give you some ramp, EMP/Bender can really help you abuse wisp/moose. Moose is a vespyr turning cryo into a proper draw/control engine. Aspect/Thunder combo together and are decent standalone cards providing removal and aoe, mixed with all the nice big body golems.

Excess two drops means you should never miss an opening play and should be able to at least get a turn two four mana play, but of course the five mana turn two golem sweet spot thanks to metal/celebrant is really nice.

@phoenixtoasches I share your sentiment, there are probably better things to be doing then golems, but its still a pretty solid idea and I wanted to help him as much as I could.


Hey, thanks for the feedback. And, after a bit of digging around, I actually find the video that I took the Vanar Golem inspiration from:

I understand that it is a few years out of date (I think it was made when the second expansion is picking up steam or something), but I was just wondering if the core concept is still okay.

Although, reviewing the video, I do think I understand some of the feedback here and it is made. I’ll take some of them to heart and see if I can make some improvements here and there.


The meta was different back then - everybody ran lots of dispell, so there was a point in running golems.

Today hard removal is prevalent over dispell. And while most golems dodge both plasmastorm and rebuke and are also a problem for heal Zir’An, I don’t think that at this point of time running golems effectively is feasible. Other than in specialised factions at least - they have synergy.


While you’re at it, try this deck: Dark Memes VIII: Golem Cass the Reliquarian Devourer combo can be switched for Furor Chakram depending on your budget.


literally turn this into vet and you’re all good my dude

jk actually listen to the other people on why golems are good and bad. either way, golems work well with vet(and magmar). they just have the best faction cards for it.

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