Help me. I don't know what I'm doing


So, uhh, I’m trying to build a control Sajj deck. Help me.


With the siphon energy nerf, you’re going to want rush tigers to extend the summon range of you empower all shroud.


Spinecleaver is pretty good, as it gives you alternative win conditions.
Also, you may want a few Lightbenders to counter Cassyva. IMO Lightbender is better than Emerald Shroud, because Lightbender has a stronger body - which is especially important when you don’t run much card draws.
Don’t forget about pings like Skorn or Bloodtear Alchemist. Bone Swarm could be a nice surprise for your opponent.
Sometimes, Repulsor Beast is stronger than Entropic Decay as a removal, as Repulsor has a longer reach. You could also line up some Wildfire Ankh shots with Repulsor.


Just my two cents, dont xD. Tbh tho, why not try it after the expansion, we’re gonna get some new toys >:D Instead of trying to build a list with the limited options we have atm that acts as a charity that gives free wins to other players climbing the ladder xD


True, you make a good point. I guess I’ll hold off until the expo.


I meanit is not that easy to beat Sajj. In last week I played many times agains her and she has very good control. She makes me more problems than Zirix… :wink:


Hey! :slight_smile:

Alright, from the start no Hexblades? These allow Sajj with her BBS to handle practically anything. I would recommend you swap the Entrophic Decays for them since you could potentially remove more minions or make your opponent trade unfavorably. Also has Synergy with Ankh.

You should probably add Tigers. These give reach to handle ranged and utiltly units when Ankh isn’t equipped.

I personally really like Rock Pulveriser in Sajj becasue they protect your artifacts from minions. They can buy you time to get more value from your artifacts. In the same vein Tracer is also pretty good becasue it again buys you time and give you good reach.

Another thing I like in Sajj is Grove Lion. it’s a defensive unit that really goes a long way in keeping you alive. it lets you get the most of your artifacts and reduces damage taken which goes a long way in keeping you alive during the late game.

Lastly having a backup win con isn’t a bad idea in case you can’t win the board. Alternate win cons would be Spinecleaver(Puts your opponent on a clock), Time Maelstrom (Combo with Hexblade/Falcius for bit of extra burst), and Stars’ Fury(Can pull extra burst you need to close out a game, but fairly inconsistent compared to the other two).


You need spinecleaver and hexblade (better than entropic decay).


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