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Help me flesh out this meme (Scarzig+Rizen)


I’ve got THE ENGINE. Help me out. This is going to be meta-defining.

Edit: Keywords so that the thread shows up when someone searches for Rizen, Scarzig, Feather Knight, or Komodo Hunter.




So, extrapolating, you say I just fill the rest with the standard OP Magmar staples.
How about going full eggs and zoetic charm?

Still missing a few cards.


Not every Ragnora deck should run the combo. It depends on what you want to do. I mean you can try it out and then later think about it.

I would probably play Mystic (instead of Herald) to heal your Scarzigs to get more value out of them.

The whole golem package could be a good fit for that deck. But then you need to cut something. Probably the heals.

It still misses some draw cards (prefer Spelljammer).


Flash will let you cast Rizen + Hunter for 5 mana, but that is a 3 card combo.


Egg Morph.


Mind Steal


That is so clever.


Egg combo version:

Straightforward Golem version:


Okay, a few quick tests against the AI and this is super fun. :joy:
Spirit well spent.

Edit: Dampening Wave and Egg Morph are :kissing_smiling_eyes: :two_hearts:


Spriggin ez lulz :sirpenti: ?


i’m surprised no one has figured out how to turn scarzig on magmar yet Image result for dampening wave magmar

Deep Impact.png

if you’re running golems


Yes Magmar has a ton of tools to make Scarzig work, but the little guy has to stay alive one turn.
Magmar sorely lacks positioning cheats (no Mist Dragon Seal, no Hearth Sister…) so the chances of success against a good player are certainly slimmer.


oops wait bepoest said dampening wave already


will this work?

man that health is just so low.
bloodtear into amplification lmao the whole thing’s so janky


Maximize the number of scarzigs in order to enhance the chances to get one lucky sod to get things done.

aka slap a Fractal in it somewhere and add some extra toys to try and replicate along. Okkadoks? Further egg spam? The Worldcore is your oyster.


That was sort of the point with tagging Rizen along: the deck has 6 cards that will be a huge pain if any one gets to do its thing.
And it snowballs with absurd celerity if both work. :joy:

I like your Fractal Replication angle. What would you suggest as a deck list?



attack with general
attack with scarzig
ultimate snowball

EDIT: realize bepoest already suggested it :cry:


Why not go with Spriggin instead? 0/1 dies to Scarzig alone, your General doesn’t even have to hit it to soften it up.


As always, don’t trust me, i’m an idiot who memes. Take what you will and refine from it.