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Help me build my ultimate shadow creep deck



Wow this is so sad, alexa play despacito


Funny thing is, I have actually never heard that song and have vowed to never. Same thing with other trendy songs like Shape of You and Happy.


I say its a good somg, even though its blown out of proportion a bit. What made you cone to thos decision?


Because I get songs stuck in my head easily. Even garbo songs you will see my singing for months. So imagine my torture if I were to get Happy stuck in head, it would drive me to the verge of suicide.

A similar thing happened to me and a Justin Beiber song.



Oh yeah that makes sense


Good job, they’re fucking trash.


whatchu talking about happy was my jam. i used to go to the 24 hour website for that


On a happy note though, I am jamming to Starboy right now, it’s a good song.


As an lifelong EDM fanboy I would also recommend Starboy (k?d remix). :raised_hands:


You also forget about ooz. Good stated body, ping to spread the creep, and usually leaves the creep underneath the general on an empty board.


This the base of the deck i’ve been working with and i’ll explain why i included every card and what cards do i plan to include next. First off 3 alcuin fugitives and 3 painful plucks so i can cast as many intensify:create 1 creep tile as i can to cover the whole board with creep. The whole board is 5x9=45 tiles so to cover everything with creep we need to cast painful pluck 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=45 9 times. Enemy can remove alcuins so i added 3 death kneels that will summon dead alcuins so they can continue to copy cards for us. If the whole board is filled with creep that gives us 45 creep tiles so when we drop abyssal tormentor each creep tile will deal 45 damage. When we drop darkspine elemental it will double the damage and make it 90. Next darkspine will make it 180. If I run out of darkspine elementals and i want to keep multiplying the damage i can use mirrorim to add 3 darkspines to the deck and use mirrorim on mirrorim to continue multiplying. But to make everything happen we have to stay alive that’s why i’m asking which type of healing should i include in the deck;
Shadow sister kelaino to heal one for each shadow creep dealing damage? Or aphotic drain+sarlac so i can use my fugitives to copy aphotic drain which i can keep casting on sarlac after i’m done copying and casting 9 painful plucks? I would also have to include some cards that kill my own minions so i can trigger xor’xuul trial, which ones would be the best?


Death Knell is really unneeded. Also, Tormentor effect stacks


Hm, didn’t try Knell in this one.

Anyway, the problem is staying alive, not stacking unbelievable amount of creep. I mean, stacking creep can be done in several ways, but usually you die before anything happens.

I don’t think the proposed way of staying alive BEFORE the engine starts working is effective.

But don’t be discouraged by my critisism, I support your dream.


tobi my boy, it may to a bit too late to say this, but maybe you should netdeck this one. Use those for reference, at the very least. you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


Found a problem to the dream. This is me after a Tormentor + Echoes turn.
As you can see Sarlacs are selfish and didn’t leave any space for poor Tormentor.

So if you want space for Darkspines you can’t really keep a stick replicating guy.
So maybe use GOR then Echo Shriek when XOR trial is complete.


ability to summon 3 dead aluins with 1st death knell then 6 with 2nd and 9 with 3rd seems too good to pass.
yeah but which healing is the best? aphotic drain with sarlacs and fugitives seems good
what is netdecking?
yeah that’s why i’m hesitating should i add sarlac to this deck, because when the whole board is sarlac then enemy can’t step on it which is kinda the point of this deck lol


Believe me, you usually will have your trial done by the time you can summon 3 Alcs.

Aphotic for trial all the way!

Copying a deck someone made and posted on Internet without making changes


So if tormentor damage stack 3 tormentors with whole board in creep should give 45x3=135dmg and with 3 darkspine elementals 13522*2=1080dmg and it’s not even counting mirrorims that can push the damage into infinity. I will be so happy when i put this deck together somehow and i will be able to pull this trick off consistently


tldr: you know how artists use pictures for reference so they can draw better? it’s like that. use someone else’s “drawing” to help you get better. “tracing” will get you good results, but it won’t make you better. good artists thrive by stealing techniques from other artists and remixing them into something original.

when i said you didnt have to reinvent the wheel, i meant to say that you don’t have to figure out the fundamentals of deckbuilding yourself, there’re several helpful resources out there.

netdecking… you look for the internet for decks. pretty self-explanatory.

some people use it as a crutch to get more wins immediately. they’re pretty terrible at the game and by solely abusing that fact for several hours, you can get to S-rank for free.

but netdecking, done responsibly, gives you very valuable information. One of them is knowing what cards are essential to a deck archetype. maybe you’ll even learn little things like synergy and efficiency.

e.g. hey look at that, most creep decks bring ooz. maybe it’s such a good card for generating creep AND a pretty solid early game minion.

e.g. heck i keep seeing punish with cassyva on like 100% of the decks. oooh her bbs works perfectly with punish

netdecking helps you understand what cards are necessary to you and which ones you can tweak to suite your playstyle(or if you are dirt poor, which ones are safest to replace with a drybone golem).