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Help me build my ultimate shadow creep deck


That’s not the point. For your plan to work, you’ll have to play all those cards in a single game. There is no way that such a cluttered deck would work. Let’s try running a basic simulation of how your deck will play out, and you will start to see problems immediately.

T1: You summon a Darkspine Elemental.
T1: Your opponent summons a Windstorm Obelysk and an Ethereal Obelysk.
T2: You summon Mirrorim on the mana tile, target Darkspine. You move Darkspine back two spaces and summon a second Darkspine on a nearby space. Your General moves forward two spaces and attacks the Ethereal Obelysk.
T2: The opponent’s Obelysks summon two Dervishes. One kills Mirrorim. Your opponent summons Duskweaver on a mana tile and give +2/+2 to the second Dervish. Your opponent summons a Fireblaze Obelysk. The Wind Dervish deals 5 damage to your General.
T3: You activate Shadow Nova. The Creeps kill Windstorm Obelysk and Ethereal Obelysk, and deal 4 damage to the enemy General.
T3: The opponent’s Obelysks summons 1 Dervishes. The buffed Wind dervish attacks your General. The second Dervish attacks your General. The enemy General moves away from the creep. Your opponent plays LitD, dealing 5 damage to your General. The enemy activates his BBS and summons a Iron Dervish.
T4: You summon Desolator and then cast your BBS on it. You attack the Iron Dervish.
T4: The enemy’s Obelysks summon 1 Dervish. The enemy General activates Acculumonimbus and kills you.

That’s the game. You’ve been hit by a 5 Attack Dervish two times, by 3 Attack Dervishes four times, and then took 5 damage by a LitD. That’s a game, and it all ended in 4 turns. It’s that easy. Meanwhile, you were only able to summon two Darkspine Elementals, create only 4 Shadow Creeps, deal only 4 damage to the enemy General, and only complete 1/6 of Xor’Xull’s Trial.


i don’t need all 12 elementals, xor’xuul and whole board filled with creep every game BUT i want my deck to have a potential to do so. Having 3 elementals is already 8 damage which is a lot and if i cast 1 nova in the corner where i put my general all enemies attacking me need to take 8 damage per turn.
that’s why i need to put cards in the deck which can counter enemies consistently before i use my other combo cards
I don’t need to use all 12 elementals, 3 elementals is 8 dmg already which can stop enemies advancing on me if i surround my general with creep(which i can do with 1 nova in a corner). I just need to drop xor’xuul quickly so enemies can’t remove elementals. In your scenario you said i would drop elemental on turn 1 which i wouldn’t do, because i would replace it for diffrent card and drop it only when xor’xuul buff is active. I would use a card like sarlac/desolator+ritual banishing to remove enemy minions and trigger xor’xuul.


The enemy didn’t destroy a single Darkspine. Also, how would you get all three Darkspines on beard if you don’t Mirrorim it in the early-game? How would you complete Xor’Xull’s Trial while also activating Rite?


Well i really don’t know and thinking about all those poorly designed abyssian cards i would have to fit in my deck made my head hurt and i hoped you guys could help me with it because all the decks i made pretty much sucked hard :stuck_out_tongue:


@deathsadvocate is a very good player who shares his lists. Try looking here first if you want to get the basic gist of what a strong deck looks like.


ok i will check it out. Could you at least tell me what x3 legendaries should i craft first for my deck to work? I am thinking about
x3 fugitives
x3 sarlacs
x3 desolators
x3 reavers
x3 klaxons


Unless you are a die hard swarm player:


so x3 desolators it is then. If you could share your opinion on how should my deck with x3 mirrorims, x3 elementals and x1 xor’xuul deck look like i would be really thankfull :slight_smile:


Your goal is fascinating and admirable, but a bit far fetched. I think niklarens suggestion is pretty close to ideal just swap alcuin for deso and call it good, and maybe punish or something for shadow nova.


ok thank you very much appreciated opinion.


Can’t you just use Consuming Rebirth and Blood Echoes to

  1. Progress Xor trial.
  2. Replicate your Darkspine Elementals after Xor is out.
  3. Make tons of creep from a Klaxon.

So you could cut Mirrorim and extreme card draw. Then make the rest of deck to somehow stall to very late game. Abuse Klaxon to fill board with creep.


yeah that could work pretty well and it would allow me to get even more than 12 elementals. Thank you very much for the suggestion, i haven’t thought about it
BTW. if i use blood echoes and 3 minions die do i get 1 or 3 progressions in xor’xuul?


Just one. Trial is per spell cast.


I can craft 3 desolators and 3 sarlacs, should I do it?


These two are very good to craft.


Do you already have staple neutral cards like spelljammer tho?

But depends. What deck do you wanna play first?


I did it now i have gained THE ULTIMATE POWER!!!
@loliconartist I don’t like spelljammer it draws cards to enemies


Having cards doesnt matter if you cant catch up to the opponents board. Thats why aggressive decks use jammer.

Anyways, yes. Despacitolator and sarlac are good to craft, but im seeing more and more top decks droppin desolator like a hot potato.

The only way I see it show up anymore is aggro cassyva. A better choice than deletolator would probably be alcuin loremaster, at least for xuul and creep.


y tho


why not?