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Help me build my ultimate shadow creep deck


yes the slower you can stall the game the better. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


You may as well try mill victory using 1 copy of unfathomable rite. It will be faster.

@cloudfrog, I loled hard. Thank you so much for your contribution!


It’s not like i want to go to the ultra late game in every game, I just want this deck to have a potential to do so with all board filled with creep and 12 times creep dmg
yeah i also considered using 3 unfathomable rites to thin opponent’s deck + those 3 cards that steal minion and give it +1/+1 but that would require me to build a deck that’s easy to dump my hand with so i can fill it with enemy cards. It draws cards from enemy deck, not copies if i’m correct?


You are correct.


Stealing 3x6 + 3=21 cards seems super powerful, giving that every time rite is played the hand is empty. That would reduce enemy deck to just 19 cards so it would be much easier in late game


im sorry dude, i’ll have to stop you right there to redo your math.

okay so that’s at least 3 turns where you have to cast unfathomable rite and at least 2 turns (drawing roughly 12 1-mana cards) in between where you have to empty your hand.

you do know that’s at least 1 turn past 9-mana even if you had all the luck in the world right?


By the time you got 3 off the game is probably already lost because you spent 3 turns doing abseloutely nothing on the board


ok then maybe unfathomable rite is bad idea, what cards would be good in my deck then?


Creep is not fast enough to kill fault underlord or wanderer in time nor does it have the lategamestrengh to compete with these (unless you REALY luckout and find them unable to answer juggernaut)
If you want to be competetive creep is not a good idea


i was thinking about adding juggernaut, he seems good since i aim to cover all board in creep. What cards could i put in to counter these decks you mentioned?


Obliterate is the best creep card but it requires lots of creep to be useful and last time I checked it was pretty hard to get enough creep to reliably trigger a KO.


I would avoid adding obliterate in my deck because if i manage to drop near 12 darkspine elementals my creep deal way more damage than obliterate and it keeps me safe from damage because i probably end up hiding in a corner covered in creep so enemy can’t come near me anyway because he will die. The real question is how do i survive to that point where i drop xor’xuul with 12 elementals and fill the board with creep


How would you get so many Darkspine Elementals? Also, it is unideal to run Xor’Xull with creep.


by using 3 mirrorims(shuffle 3 copies of a minion into deck) on darkspine elementals. Also xor’xuul is there to deny my enemy option to remove them for pernament 12 times creep dmg



First, how are you going to draw the Darkspines you shuffled into the deck? Before that, how will you draw all three Mirrorims? I’d like to point out that if you want a Darkspine kill, you’d need at least 4 to 6 Darkspines on board, and that itself is absurdly unrealistic.

I see you’re trying to keep the Darkspines alive with Xor’Xull, but keep in mind Xor’Xull is a Mythron minion, so its Trial must be completed. I am sorry to tell you that there is no way in which you can complete the Trial and fill the board with creeps at the same time. They are two completely separate decks, and it will be unreasonable to try and run them together.

I’m no Abyssian expert, but if you want a Creep deck, I’d recommend Nova, Munch, Depths, Pluck, as well as Klaxon, Tormentor, or Juggernaut for late-game. Obliterate and Variax are possible options as well, but they are not as strong as they used to be, quite frankly. It’s unfortunate, but creep is not in a good spot right now. If you’re willing to play any variant of Cassyva, I’d say an Aggro deck would be your best option.


@halcyon98 I want a cheap deck that can get rid of all cheap cards fast, possibly using rite of the undervault for 6x3 card draws. This way i can draw darkspine elementals and mirrorims fast. Triggering xor’xuul don’t really need much cards, I can just cast cassy bloodbound spell on sarlac the eternal or desolator to create shadow creep and trigger xor’xuul. I want to add for sure juggernaut, because i aim to fill the board with creep, nova maybe, munch maybe(it require big hp enemy minions to be good), depths maybe(i find rite of the undervault better card draw), Klaxon with xor’xuul is op because each time he die he gives +6 creep and variax hmm maybe late game because when i drop variax i loose cassy bloodbound spell+sarlac/desolator combo to trigger xor’xuul.


Rite of the Undervault is a 6 mana card, and the card isn’t very popular as such a costly card has no immediate advantage on the board whatsoever. If you look at other 6 mana spells, they are cards that could deal OTK levels of damage, like Betrayal or Mantra, is an entire win-condition, like Cataclysmic Fault, or can clear the board, like Frostburn.

You said you wanted you deck to have many low-cost cards so you can dump your hand quickly to spam Rites, but that just isn’t possible. Playing your entire hand and activating a 6 mana spell in the same turn, and for multiple turns in a row at that, is quite frankly something that is undoable. On top of that, for your combo to work, you’ll have to fill the board with creeps, complete Xor’Xull’s trial, summon at least 5 Elementals, and bring the enemy General to a creep. You’re not trying to do just one impossible feat, but four.


for my plan to work i just need:
x3 mirrorims
x3 elementals
x1 xor’xuul
x1 desolator/sarlac+cassyva/maehv bloodbound spell
Rest of the deck i want to fill with heals(aphotic drain)/silences(emergency Ephemeral Shroud+mirrorim)/other tools to stall the game(variax, juggernaut) OR speeding up xor’xuul(Darkfire Sacrifice) OR speeding up creep generation(nova)


I really don’t mean to burst any bubbles, but kinda going off of what cloudfrog said, this is like trying to rob a bank in 2 seconds that has an impossible to open vault (pun intended) whilst carrying around 100 sumo wrestlers, and fighting off 300 terminators at the same time. Just too much at once, and incredibly unrealistic, but I applaud your efforts, and if you can somehow make this work, we’d all be proud.


Im pretty sure you ahould kick the bucket with this Idea. Even begginers will kill you before you can pull out your masterpiece