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Help me build my ultimate shadow creep deck


So i came up with an idea to create a deck that fills the board with shadow creep, then drop Underlord Xor’xuul(whenever a friendly minion dies resummon it), drop 3 darkspine elementals(double shadow creep dmg), use 3 mirrorims(shuffle 3 copies of a minion into deck) on 3 darkspine elementals to add 9 darkspine elementals for a total of 12 darkspine elementals that would double shadow creep dmg 12 times so it would deal 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096 dmg per turn so basically anything standing on my shadow creep at the end of the turn would be dead and my enemy can’t remove 12 darkspine elementals because of xor’xuul buff. I also want to use Cassy(bloodbound spell: deal 1 dmg to a minion and if it dies turn space under it to a shadow creep) with sarlac the eternal(1hp and when it dies it resummons on random space) so i can spam my bloodbound spell on sarlac to create shadow creep AND kill friendly minion to trigger Xor’xuul. So my questions are;
1.What cards should i use to fill the board with shadow creep?
2.What cards to use to survive untill i flood the board with shadow creep and drop xor’xuul with 12 darkspine elementals?
3.I have only 1 sarlac, should craft 3 of them?
4.What would be the best way to trigger Xor’xuul? Or should i just spam cassy bloodbound spell on Sarlac to save slots for more important cards like shadow creep generation?


This looks awful, don’t play this. Or do, I’m not your boss.


I’m afraid a guy with just one Sarlac has almost zero chance of getting that deck together :confused: (unless he already has the 3x Fugitives)


I cannot really help on the deck. BUT:
I like people who are ambitious, and who can set sky-high goals that will push the boundaries of science and atrocity.

You could kill your opponent like everyone, dealing 25 damage, and get on with it. But you aim for unpreventable 4096 damage per turn on every board space and I can really appreciate the dedication.

Hat off to you, I wish you succeed, and may this path lead you to a well-deserved humanity enslavement and world domination. :vampire:


You guys suggested i used fugitives and i need to research how they work do they copy most recently cast spell every turn? Also @niklaren you added obliterate to the deck and i don’t think it’s a good idea because it destroys all the shadow creep which is not what I would aim for which is filling the board with shadow creep. I thought about using nocturne(whenever you create shadow creep or a wraithling summon bouth) with spells like wraithling swarm (create 3 wraithlings) or inkling surge(create wraithling draw card). Also using 3 Painful fluck(intensify:create 1 shadow creep) with 3 alcuin loremasters (copy most recenly cast spell) seems good because if you copy 3 flucks they add up 4 5 and 6 shadow creeps.
also @bepoest thx i appreciate the support and @miguelosz i thought about crafting 3 sarlacs but i’m afraid that when i drop xor’xuul and sarlac dies it copies twice each time and when all the board is sarlac the enemy can’t step on it which is kinda the goal of this deck lol


Yeah, Fugitive copies the last spell you use for each turn. Btw you might get some ideas for creep generation from my MaxiCreep-deck (it’s an Obliterate deck so a bit more competitive, but very often creates 10+ creep in a game): Miguel’s Abyss deck and discussion space

The key trick is to always keep one Pluck in your hand at the end of your turn, and keep Alcuining them back to your hand after you play them.


yeah using pluck multiple times for 1 mana seems like the easiest way to get whole board filled with creep


That is certainly true :wink:

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How did you get to use 10 times pluck in a single game? fugitive? man i need to craft that card


im actually working on a concept myself



i plan to continue to improve it but it is what it is for now, as you may notice the only creep generator atm is klaxon, thats cause klaxon itself generates alot of creep, the sad truth is getting tormenor out at the right time is tough but this deck pushes out xor surprisingly quick or can stall till a time it can.

theres definately issues and 99% of the time wins without the tormentor finisher. as far as i can tell it at most can push into diamond
its not an easy deck to pilot but its fun if nothing else.
Edit: woops forgot to add saarlac, weird coulda sworn i put it in there >_>;;;


I got lucky that game and ramped a Fugitive on turn 2 and another on the next turn. When you have two Fugitives on the board the Painful Plucks just keep pouring in your hand.

On a side note Fugitive is really fun but he isn’t the most useful card, so only craft him if you are sure you won’t regret it.


@cold52 cool deck but i think tormentor sucks now because we lost the ability to put shadow creep under enemy general before using tormentor. Sphere on darkness now works only on minions and shadow nova costs 4 mana so it can’t be cast on the same turn with 6 mana tormentor (unless you have like mana forger and 9 mana).
@phoinexflame yeah i will only craft cards i need when i figure out how should my ultimate creep deck look like. Fugitive + pluck seems like a very nice combo to add to it. I hope duelyst gods descends from heavens to this thread and enlighten me with their knowledge on how should my deck look like ;_;


ow tormentor definately lost its edge thanks to the nerf to sphere, i actually keep it in there for the meme’s really, i hope we get a cheap placeable creep in the future (or revert sphere nerf) :v


Tormentor is unfortunately too strong with something like the old Sphere for them to ever peacefully coexist. The best we can get is probably some niche finisher, something like a 3 mana 2/2 with “Opening Gambit: turn enemy general’s space into a shadow creep”


id argue there are plenty of finishers in duelyst that do consistently over 10 damage and are 7 mana, most games end there, i think id be more then fair for there to be a 2 cost placable creep spell to combo with at 8, as it is you dont even always have that the needed creep to do more then 10 dmg by 8 anyways.


As you said, manaforger and also Adjudicator can discount the spell cost, and darkfire sacrifice can discount the tormentor himself.

Not that I advice it, but it’s fun when it works.


Lets bring back kevins thread:40 cards are not enough

*they are enough but i still want to make a dying wish swarm ramp creep abyssian hybrid :frowning:


Indeed they do, but most decks don’t have as powerful delay tools to consistently get to 8 mana even against aggro decks (for example Punish, Void Pulse and now Munch).


true, but those decks also dont have to build up a board to get to there win con to begin with as such those stall tools are neccisary, songhai is a great example since they can build a deck that can consistently get face damage each turn and stay away from the opponet all game.

this isnt to say songhai is overpowered but rather to point out those tools arent too strong to allow for it, besides its not like adding a 2 mana placable creep will made the deck s tier capable of beating all other decks, stong yes but not broken.


so let me get this straight:
you want to drop shadow creeps like no tomorrow

and then after a billion years, complete xorxull trial

wait for pangea to continental drift as you draw mirrorim,

wait for global warming to kill all life on the planet as you draw and summon darkspines

and then win the game since your opponent lost his entire lifespan just trying to watch you do all off this?

Tell me Exactly how is this legal?