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Help Improve My For Fun Joseki List

@divinedevek If you wanted to we could try testing it out in a few practice matches. I wasn’t certain that I played the card which the riddle became. My thought is that it adds some sort of “can’t replace until you cast X riddles” and since you transform the riddle, you can’t meet the condition.

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I also discovered that Orboro doesn’t change the mythron cards at all. I was playing against a Wanderer just now and that was the first thing they cast but low and behold a few turns later, out comes Wanderer.

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Orbo Wanderer is the kind of jank I can get behind! Sounds like something that may have come out of AlphaCentury’s Wanderer Randomizer :slight_smile:

I actually did some research on topics like this a little while back. Mythrons can never be replaced (even by effects like Theobule) or transformed in the Action Bar (by effects like Orbo). They can be pulled onto the board via Evolutionary Apex, but only if the Trial has been completed.


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