Help, I lose every single match


I’ve read everywhere to build a mechazord as a starter deck beacuse it’s a cheap way (in terms of spirit) to build a pretty decent deck, plus I really like robots, plus, now there is this little pet calle z0r which looks a very nice add on to the pack.
So I tried.

I have crafted this Magmar deck (because of the hero which helps you draw) and I lose every single match.

Like…no chance, really.
Also the matchmaking is kind of broken, I have started playing 4 days ago and I am put against people with 4 banners of “100 games with all factions”, yeah, thanks.

Anyway, here is my list, if anyone care to lend an hand, I am super depressed.

I try to mantain a decent board presence with bots, helping them with the new card called Razor Skin, which boost them +1 attack (forever) and gives me a pet to put on board to help them even more.
Also, greater fortitude is here for the same reason.

But every deck wastes me.

  1. Mech magmar isn’t a thing since they nerfed vindicator. Vanar’s your best bet.
  2. You really want at least 2x chasis to increase your chances of getting mechazor our earlier.
  3. You also some must have magmar cards like egg morphs and makantors.
  4. Losing 4 games out of 5 isn’t anything weird and doesn’t really mean the deck is bad.
  5. Ribbons have very little to do with people’s skill or collection size.
  6. Early games in the season are always harder because the of ladder reset.

I don’t know why you went with mech magmar. You probably should have done more research first. Not to say the deck is bad, it should work decently well in lower ranks but you know.


1- What’s in Vanar to help me? They don’t even draw. (no flame intended, it’s a real question)
2- Did I do wrong to invest the same amount of spirit into z0r pet? :frowning:
3- Yes I used Elucidatorx2 as cheap alternative, and I though eggs cost in mana was too high
4- Problem is not losing a bit, is like getting raped who gave me to think…
5- Uhm…ok
6- Don’t get this one a lot, but ok, I guess.

I went with Magmar because of the hero which makes you draw, it’s like a “research for mechs” this kind of deck, you know for sure…so i though it may be good

Yes don’t worry about calling the deck bad, it’s what it is.


Vanar can give Rush to mechaz0r which helps a lot, Kara makes your mech units better statwise and their strong removal can help you controling the board until mechaz0r comes online.
Edit: Also, Starhorn’s ability can be a liability since it may help your opponent finding an answer to mechaZ0r.


Spirit of the Wild, to give your mechazor pseudo rush, also Karas BBS.
No, Z0r is gud from what i’ve heard.
Egg Morph is fairly costed at 4 mana, use it.
Ribbons really don’t mean jackshit.
Early Games in a season are harder because players that usually reside in a higher division are back in the lower one


Lost another 2 in a row…switching to Vanar…we will see.
I hope to return to make gold again, otherwise I don’t know how I can even modify this deck XD


also, the reason you’re getting matched with more experienced players might be that the season just reset and older players are climbing ladder again. it should stop soon


Don’t let you get down by this, try few strategies, try different factions and decklists. It may take a while, but you will understand what to do then. Work on your own errors, also, if you want to maximize the output. Do all the quests to rise the gold, so you can then craft all the better cards. In the end i aggree with all said befor me.


Yea you want to def use Vanar. I’ve never ran a mech deck and tbh I think the deck is a little overrated, personally I main songhai and have played about 120 games exactly and have never lost to a mech deck. I literally won the turn after they field him 8/10. That being said the most successful mech decks I’ve seen run through videos and what not all use vanar for the aforementioned reasons. Like the rush element and in general her imo “broken” BBS.


i played 200 games with and abyss mecha deck, and i got to diamond

the list is missing 1 Zor
and you can change pandora por inquisitor


Some of us are willing to help you by watching replays and whatnot seeing what the inconsistencys are I am for example will be glad to try and figure out what’s going on my ign is XvKratos feel free buddy :slight_smile:


flash reincarnation > dance of dreams. helps you get them out earlier and dance of dreams only draws if your opponent doesnt clear the board first

try to craft at least 1 chassis, they can be useful against songhai and some vanar

get makantor warbeast if you can, they are awesome in any magmar deck

plasma storm isnt very good when the only cards you have that arent killed by it are your elucidators and mechazor

egg morphs are good

you have plenty of 2 drops, i think you could swap out primus for some better draw cards (sojourner or blaze hound work) or some high cost cards to act as an alternate finisher if mechazor doesnt work. natures confluence or maybe bounded life force?


He was looking for a cheap deck…


Thanks to everybody btw, I made some games with Vanar (Kara obv) and I can see now the difference between “drawing a card sometimes” with magmar or play empowered mechs…it’s quite a difference!
I will stick to Vanar, I made 6 games and I won 3, and overall I think that my performance on the filed was always more stable.

Luckily the faction didn’t affected me very much on spirit cost, all I crafted was mechs, (just maybe 1 or 2 magmar cards) so I can start again here on Vanar without much of a remorse XD

I will try now to figure out which are Vanar core cards…
thanks everybody for the nice tips btw, mostly on changing faction XD

I’m always open for more advices if you feel like sharing, on Vanar.


but he gets it, he needs a ton of mechs, tons of draw, and some late game second win condition


Midrange Kara is so hot right now. And also easy to build. It’s mostly made up of neutrals that you might possibly have. Give that one a try. It’s made a big change in my wins


Yeah I was thinking (all by myself XD) to just take an put well statted creatures with Kara to become simply ridiculous, so that’s working? Glad to hear! Have you followed a particular list in your winning strike, that I can take inspiration from?


I stole this from in there mana ranks section. Great website for net decks. I’ve been using the scientists version,. Middle of last season I had a 7game win streak, and saw win rates as high as %80. here’s a link to it: