Help! how do i get wish/obelisks to s rank?


Ok im limited to the cards i have but this is the deck list ive created, the 1 of are mostly fill but astral phasing has won me some game, thinking of adding 3rd wish but too broke lol. im diamond 4 and merely a month in so go easy, any tips would be helpful , one of my main problems is night watcher how can i deal with him ty all in advanced

*Update thx too all the help u guys have provided this is how my current deck looks like

it is currently 9-0 and has single handedly taken me from diamond 4 to 2 without loss, i am confidant this deck can take me to s rank, i am looking to lose the dominate will for the 3rd aymara, this deck is neither too slow and is nasty if left too long i really appreciate all the help u guys have given me :smile: ty all


-1 astral phasing
-1 doiltas
-1 sunsteel defender
-2 Starfire Scarab
-2 Tigers

+2 Scion’s Third WIsh
+1 Aymara Healer
+3 Allomancer
+1 Whispers of the Sands

With a Dervish vet deck, your victory lies in RNG a lot of the times since you pray to have a good dervish spawn to fight for the board. The above changes are to make your deck more in line with the dervish synergy. Cut scarabs out entirely as they are too slow. Using that slot for whispers of the sands will allow more cycling, consistency and instant value when you need it.

Tigers are unnecessary imo since dervishes are inherently spawned with rush. With the amount of buffs you have, there shouldnt be a huge problem trying to kill something more than 2 health. The 3rd Aymara is for late game consistency’s sake. Allomancers for Dioltas because it has more dervish synergy. Astral phasing is a very situational card and third wish makes much more sense cause of the synergy and has an even better effect.

Playing as a Dervish Vet, establishing board presence is of utmost priority. And even more so when it comes to positioning. An obelysk is wasted if positioned it to die immediately/ have issues reaching the enemy. That’s all I can say. And be weary of AOEs. It’s kinda of game over if the opponent can wipe out 90% of your board (eg. Plasma Storm).


Your deck actually looks pretty good as is. I would probably cut the Astral Phasing for another Dunecaster since 2 drops are important. I also might cut one of your top end cards for a third Tiger so that you can have a bit more reach but other than that the list seems pretty similar to the one I’ve been running in S rank.


thx for the suggestions and i agree i find myself recycling the scarabs alot they were strong in the gold ranks but now they eat up a whole turn, really wanted them in my deck oh well. i see where u are coming from with the tigers but obelisk require a turn to cast then the dervishes come out and im finding my self using them for reach more and more, other than that nit pick i love your advice, lastly do u you think i can add in a couple rasha’s curse? and if so what should i give up for them?


Thx :smiley: glad to see other obelisks users any advice on how to deal with night watchers although the 3rd tiger might help with that.


I run Night Watchers in my Sajj control deck purely to shut down Magmar / Dervish / Tusk Boar-hai nonsense.

It’s correct that you find it hard to deal with when playing this type of deck, that’s the point :slight_smile: It can be played around tho, either by adding in another Tiger or putting some more dispel in your deck (Lightbender / Siphon Energy).


Adding Tigers won’t help with Night Watcher and though that card hasn’t been seeing all that much play from what I’ve seen it is a really bomb against Dervish Vet. As for counters to it I’d say probably run a third Shroud and try or just try and be far enough ahead on board to kill it. Falcius also is helpful since it means that you can hit the Night Watcher with anything else on your board and then finish it off with just your General.


Your list has too many slow cards, and the early game cards are too fast in a way for a proper midrange deck. You need to pick a direction slightly better and go there. Nimbus is by and large too slow if you don’t include RAE or face non-stop Cassyvas, and for a slow list, only having two shrouds is insufficient.

Regardless, you need a third Whispers, third Shroud, to lose the Astral Phasing, a Dominate Will instead of a third Aymara is fine but suboptimal, and your 5 drops are way too slow for most games.

For reference, you can find my list here (updated version at bottom), which has been doing work in S throughout the entire month.


Only slot in Rashas if you face a lot of artifacts. Try swapping out 1 star’s fury and 1 dioltas/ nimbus for 2 rasha’s. Rasha’s is a very situational card, adding 2 in is just for consistency’s sake. If you wna be more risky, you could try just cutting out 1 star’s fury for 1 Rasha’s. As for cutting out star’s fury and Nimbus/ diotals. Star’s fury is also a situational card. It is able to fish out lethal if your opponent swarms the board or have a decent board with a few minions. If they do spend the mana to play an artifact, it means the board wont be as strong as compared to when they choose to spend the mana pused for the artifact into developing minions. Hence, making a star’s fury one-off if you’re going aginst more artifacts makes more sense.

For better consistency, always put in 2-off’s, unless it’s like a super tech card for a very specific situation like Crossbones for mechazor. Rasha’s is quite versatile but just doesnt do quite enough on its own except for artifact breaking. So it would be okay to run 1-off’s for those 1 in 10 matches where you need to break let’s say an arclyte regalia or spectral blade. But do run 2 of them and give up the greedy cards if you run into like maybe 4-5/10 matches, cause rasha’s wins you games tbh; by making your opponent fall further behind on health and board by playing an artifact for just a 2 cost spell.

As for Dioltas/ Nimbus. It really is up to you here. Dioltas is on paper better to keep as 3 off’s because 4 drops are very important in this game. Also that Dioltas has more aggressive stats to close out games faster and worst case scenario, has a 10 health tombstone (provoke) to stall out. Nimbus on the other hand is ultra slow. But it definitely is stronger than a Dioltas even if it gets dispelled. It is an inherent 3-8. It’s game losing if untouched by the opponent for more than 1 turn. Worst case scenario, it eats up a removal; allowing you to drop your other threats (Dioltas, Aymara, other nimbus) more safely.

TLDR: Drop 1 star’s for 1 rasha’s for a riskir approach. Drop 1 more dioltas or a nimbus for a 2nd Rasha’s. Drop Nimbus for a more midgame, aggressive appraoch. Drop Dioltas for a more end game approach.


Thx snowwy really appreciate all the help u have thrown out :smiley:


I personally like 3 rashas in my deck - now that siphons been nerfed, rashas is one of the only ways to get rid of those pesky heartseekers and ki beholders. Also it usually trades up especially with fireblaze in play, and will stick on the board with dunecaster.

But again I like to play an aggro zirix - in a midrange deck i think 2 rashas is totally reasonable.