Help for Cass Deck


I played for about two weeks and im a F2P player. Im trying to make a shadow creep deck that works with only 2 Oblivian as the legendaries due to not having enough cards. Leave some recommendations for the deck thanks.
Here is the deck list:
Abyssal Crawler 3x
Bloodtear Alchemist
Sphere of Darkness 3x
Daemonic Lure 3x
Ephemeral Shroud 2x
Healing Mystic 3x
Ooz 2x
Spectral Blade
Ritual Banishing 2x
Saberspine Tiger 2x
Sojourner 2x
Abyssal Juggernaut 2x
Primus Shieldmaster 3x
Shadow Nova 3x
Dark Transformation 2x
Rite of theUndervault
Whistling Blade
Obliterate 2x


You may want to look at this thread : New player with no legedaries - Tips for building a creep cass deck?


(Deck I’m working off of (Malevolence))

Grab 3x Oozs. They’re damn good.

Try to grab 2x Spectral Blades too! They’re really good for staying alive and removing smaller things.

Whistling Blade is really bad. Just skip it if you can. If you need a good drop, work towards a Klaxon.

2x Obliterate is overkill IMO.

2x Bloodtear Alchemists never hurt.

Ritual Banishing isn’t that good atm.

If you’re running tigers, run Shadow Reflection?

Finally: Work towards Kelaino.

Again, check out the deck I linked if you want, good luck, have fun, and welcome to Duelyst!