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Help for Abyssian Budget Swarm?

Hello! I’m currently hardstuck in rank 13, consistently getting kicked in the throat by all except Songhai.

My deck:

This a deck from a older post with a few adjustments, swapping out sphere of darkness and inkling surge for shadow reflection and inkling surge.

(Link here: HELP 1st Abyssian Swarm Deck)

I want to improve this deck without breaking the bank, so I’m going to have to stick with commons and rares with this one.

And while legendary cards are completely off the table, i’m looking for epics to save up for, so suggestions on that end would be great.

Replace shadowdancer with zix.
Attempt to acquire either grimwar or crescendo as soon as possible, if craftingis out of the question, this early you grab core orbs as fast as possible, so youll end up with some anyways.

Also get bloodbound mentor. Its an epic, but its not core so work to craft a playset.

Abyssian budget swarm requires hell of a skill to go up to gold, really.

Without legendaries it’s almost impossible.

If I were you, I’d give up an idea or tried to save up for at least DFC or Grimwar.

I’m playing abyss swarm.
If I had your deck, I would make the following changes in this order. But this will make the deck, even faster. That’s probably the first thing you should decide. Do you wanna go face or be more slow.

Step 1
Drop Shadow watcher.
Add flameblood, zyz and bloodtear (3 ofs)

Step 2
Reduce Furiosa, Furor, Shadowdancer, Bloodtide, Banishing, Reflection and lure to 2 ofs or 1 ofs as you have replacements.
Add some saberspines as finishers (2 ofs)
Other usefull cheap cards I use are Naga and void pulse (2 ofs)
I forgot gibbet, since I’m not playing much lately.

Very usefull for swarm but otherwise useless: dreamgazer (3 ofs)
Betrayal, since it’s a finisher 1 of.

Apart from DFC and Grimwar (2-4), Spectral, Vorpal, Unleash, Desolator are also something you could add (1 ofs), if you have one already. But apart from Desolator they are not worth crafting.

My smurf deck as an example has 1 deso, 1 DFC and 1 betrayal above rare.

DFC is crucial for swarm, if u can get ur hands on DFC (2700 spirit) you would be sailing alot more smoothly up to gold. I suggest u to drop 1 shadow dancer, 1 watcher and 1 Furor Chakram to add 3 DFC.
If u want Add me and i’ll help u out with ur deck (i main abys)

There are a multitude of even budget options, but one thing is sure: Shadow Watcher is a bad card, especially from above Silver. I’d add that Inkling Surge back in, you kinda have a third wincon already with Reflection and Surge is one of the best cards there is for Lilithe.


oh yea forgot to metion @miguelosz he runs the abyssian clan in this forum u can check out the thread here

yea anyway u can also seek @deathsadvocate page for help he has alot of in ur face deck.
DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Trials of Mythron


anyone telling you you need legendaries to get to gold or even s-rank with swarm lilithe has no clue what they’re talking about. i climbed from rank 10 to s-rank in january with swarm lilithe, no epics or legendaries, with 46 wins 10 losses.
there is no way a swarm lilithe deck, or probably any deck, can sustain the tempo loss of playing vellumscry. this is the weakest link in your deck by a long shot. don’t just cut it from the deck, disenchant all 3 copies so you’re not tempted to ever consider putting it in a deck again. replace it with sojourner. replace shadow reflection and shadow watcher with replicant and inkling surge so you have more consistency in turn 1 plays and hand retention. i would also recommend replacing ritual banishing with lightbender as it is a more versatile answer card.


Don’t listen to the disenchant vellumscry part.
You would be wasting your time on a common that you will easily find another 3 copies.

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This isn’t exactly budget since I have 2 legendaries in this deck, but this deck helped me get to gold lol. I don’t usually play swarm, but it was getting hard to play on ladder with creep. I tried swarm for a bit and made small tweaks along the way to suit my playstyle.

Bloopbleep Things I do

What I do is try to get Furiosa and/or crypto out by turn 1. If the two aren’t around even after replacing, Gloomchaser helps to cover some ground and give you a chance to use Inkling surge to get that crypto or Furiosa you were looking for.

It might seem susceptible to thunderhorn, but if you play your cards right, you can eliminate it as a threat once your wraithlings buff up a little. Just keep spamming that good ol’ BBS.

Azure Herald can be switched out with whatever the heck u want, but I had him in there because I play kinda aggressively, so my general gets a lot of the brunt.

Gate to the Undervault is a good distraction for your enemies, they’ll want to remove the thing before it’s built at the same time give you time to build up your swarm. Get enough bad boys in there and hit it up with that Furor Chakram and you’ll be packing a big punch.


Why do you have gate here???

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lol I barely ever play it, but it kinda distracts ppl while I’m increasing the babies. Can be subbed out for whatevs tho

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Did it ever finish building?


It dies. But distracts opponent for at least a turn from your swarm. I’d say, why not?

But @littlebelsprout, why shadowstalk, not wraithling swarm?

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All of you, thank you for the advice, did not expect this much support from a internet forum.

As for responses…

@loliconartist Replace dancer with zyx, grab core orbs and pray for good drops, got it. But how do you deal with artifacts effectively without shadow dancer, especially after Vet gets flying from Neurolink and flies to relative safety?

@alplod A man can dream?

@chakri Woah, lots of good info. Well, I wouldn’t mind dropping Shadow as it gets dispelled most of the time, and I am definitely including the cards you mentioned in step 1 and step 2, and Betrayal.

And well, always go face!

I sent you a friend request, would love to talk more about this with you and maybe challenges?

@masterhuehue Got it got it! DFC is great! I’ll add you as well. And thank you for the links man!

@miguelosz Once again, I wouldn’t mind burning shadow watcher, and I’ll try out inkling again.

Btw, got any recommendations for a budget meme deck for abyssian…? :wink:

@1pancakess I think disenchanting Vellumscry is a little over kill for the reasons stated, however I will replace them with Sojourner. Reflection has gotten me too many lethals, so I won’t replace all 3 of them, but Replicant does sound pretty good. Lightbender as well.

@humancalc ^^^

@littlebelsprout 3600 dust… For 4 cards…

Gate has always been a pipe dream for me, and will continue to be until I get my core cards like the lolicon said. Until then, to the Spirit mines with me

Once again, thanks for tips guys. I would love to hear more from yall!


…well, consider yourself most welcome. We are friendly and helpful most of the time.


Shadowdancer isnt good enough even in that matchup, as sajj doesnt play enough minions to trade in for shadowdancer as art removal. Better off just playing cards that are really good instead of a sub optimal card that isnt even hard art. Tech.

For budget memes, Deepfire Devourer can be pretty ridiculous with a decent swarm. Has the same obvious problems as Shadow Watcher but more hilarious to play :stuck_out_tongue:

There are also things you might do with Chittering Tiller and Furor Chakram, but I suspect that might be a bit difficult to handle.

It did actually! Like maybe twice or thrice. Hahaha

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That is a good question! But really because I didn’t rely on other spells outside of BBS to multiply the wraithlings, so I just got whatever I could to fill in those slots for the deck.

This deck was also made on a whim and when it started losing 2-3 times in a row, I would make smol adjustments. Shadowstalk was one of the things I added because I saw another swarm dude used it and he beat me so I thought “why not?” hue.