Help/Advice with optimizing my Spellhai deck


Hello everyone, this is a deck i have been using and developing over the course of my (intense) 3-week career. I have experience in strategy/card games but the art style and complex gameplay of Duelyst instantly grabbed my interest. I’ve been enjoying it immensely, but I’ve been hovering around Rank 12-14 for a while now (currently at 12), so I figured either I’m trash (which is entirely possible) or my deck could use some tweaks. I occasionally get a 3-win streak but most of the time it’s: win one, lose one, pray to the Warbeast to win the next two matchups, lose again, extreme tilt, win three, repeat.

tl;dr: I wanna be the very best, so any suggestions to improve my deck or general tips would be greatly appreciated.



This is a deck that can be piloted to diamond, but hey, you’re playing for three weeks, i don’t know what do you expect?


Well, as I said, I wanted to ensure it was my skill, rather than my deckbuilding, that was the problem. Also if there were any better options for the cards I chose. Thanks for the feedback, though!


This deck isn’t an optimized, clearcut spellhai. Try this deck. It got me to S.


Thanks, I’ll definitely be trying it.