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Hello please fix this game thank you


I dunno… after the matches I’ve experienced since the new set release… I feel like maybe they already broke it :confused: The meta is so swingy right now… it seems like you either lose on turn 1 or somehow convince RNJesus to maaaaybe cut you some slack you just lose on turn 18 instead. Not really feeling the game anymore so all of that stuff could save it tbh… or… just make it worse… whatever…


Please note that all the suggestions in my post were joking. I don’t actually think doing all that would do anything good for the game.

Although a mode with fifty general health, double starting mana and two mana gained per turn (to a max of eighteen), two draws and two replaces per turn, and a 78-card deck, might be interesting to play. It could be called Double Duelyst.


Oh yeah, I know it was all snark I was just raging a little after something like 10 consecutive losses… almost all of that was from some insane new combo or mechanic… I do think a “custom match” with the ability to set the things we’re talking about could be entertaining… especially if it also allowed players to set custom bans on specific cards or sets or rarities. Yes, some of the more absurd stuff we’ve talked about would just be bonkers but maybe that’s okay for non-ladder matches when people just want to mess around and maybe have a laugh or… if a tournament organizer wants to use the custom match option to set up specifics for a tournament… Anyway… I’m not mad at the game yet (today) but I haven’t done today’s dailies yet either :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d be happy without plays that can’t be responded to.

There is too much out-of-hand damage. Removal is one thing. The game is billed as requiring tactics. Out-of-hand damage, or damage + healing(often in one card), goes against how I feel the game was meant to be.


Can you elaborate exactly what cards are able to deal damage and heal at the same time? It’s not ringing any bells at the moment.


circle of skip ur turn, sunstrike, immo, etc


I see, but I don’t recognize any of those cards to be problematic. I’d even go as far to say cards like Sunstrike are very well designed. It’s not too weak, not too strong, relies on positioning, and strategically multifaceted. As for Circle of Life and Holy Immolation, they are indeed very powerful cards and can be frustrating to play against, but they have never caused any major issues.


Void Pulse, Aphotic Drain(removal), Munch, Desolator, Shadowdancer, Gold Vitriol, Martyrdom(removal + heal enemy general), Holy Immolation, Sunstrike, Circle of Life, Firestorm Mantra

There are only 3 factions with damage + heal, in one card, from the hand. Vanar, Magmar, and Vetruvian don’t have this mechanic.

Vetruvian and Vanar are the only factions, without a heal for the general, of any kind.

I may have missed cards. I don’t believe so, though.


Void Pulse and Desolator are the most fundamental combo parts for Aggro Abyssian, which already isn’t such a powerful archetype. You’ll learn to play around it. Aphotic Drain isn’t removal, as it only kills friendly minions. Munch, and Shadow Creeps, in general, doesn’t see much play either since key cards were rotated out. Shadowdancer, again, is a primary combo part for Swarm Abyssian. Without it, the entire archetype would suffer tremendously. Gold Vitriol doesn’t heal anything. It’s procs off heals, but that’s one extra step.

Here’s what I think on Holy Immolation, Sunstrike, and Circle of Life:

Martyrdom when used as removal, heals the enemy, not your General. It’s a demerit. As for Firestorm Mantra, it can indeed be a very frustrating deck to play against but it was never too consistent to be as problematic as you make it out to be.

I think you’re a relatively new player, and you have yet to learn the basics. Instead of complaining about cards, try to learn about them, then none of the cards you mentioned would look so powerful.


Number of cards with out-of-hand damage.
I didn’t list some because they have to fulfill specific requirements. That’s not true OOH damage.
Lyonar: 9
Songhai: 12
Vetruvian: 4(one of which only deals damage to your own general…)
Abyssian: 9
Magmar: 11
Vanar: 8


What do you mean by “out-of-hand damage?” Please, elaborate.


I’ve played the game since launch. Diamond 3 with my own deck. I know the cards.

Essentially, “free” damage. Damage that can’t be accounted for. You pay mana. You do damage. Out-of-hand. IE: Played from the hand with no opportunity for a response.

I should have prefaced with : I only play Vetruvian.


Aymara healer

Also, try hitting diamondwith an all neutral(except general ofc) deck. Pretty. hot


And yet you are claiming that Aphotic Drain is removal. :thonk:

We call those “face damage,” and they can be countered very well. With a basic knowledge of the opponent’s faction and deck archetype, you can predict what cards are most likely in the opponent’s hand at a given moment. For example, when playing against a Songhai player, you should be able to anticipate a Phoenix Fire on T2, and probably should bait it before playing more vulnerable minions.


I was listing an unbiased list of removal / damage + heal, in one card, per faction. As per your request.

I didn’t say they couldn’t be anticipated or countered… I said I’d be fine without them being in the game. They go against the way the game is advertised.


How so?


Because they give no chance of response? The game is advertised as requiring movement and tactics. Being able to do damage, from your hand, with no chance of a response from the enemy general, goes against that.

IE: Most of the game is My play, opponent response / counter, my play, opponent response / counter, or reverse.

Damage from the hand breaks that chain. Sure, you can respond. You can’t stop the damage, though.

The goal is, of course, to do damage while avoiding damage. You have no chance to avoid damage from an opponent’s hand.


I already gave you my thoughts on the particular matter.


what is happening in my shitpost


Actual constructive discussions, thank you. :kissing_heart: