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Hello please fix this game thank you


mana tiles are so far from player one. thsi game is not going anywhere challenge me in hearthstone u unskilled yugioh bootleg playerz


i’m so sorry i’m just really bored


Now this is what I call quality.




Quality shitpost my friend


You’re actually right, this is unacceptable! Also, since we’re at it, let’s throw in a 3 mana start for a perfect balance!


1v1 me in Yugioh I’ll beat you with full power d rulers you can play the Yugi structure deck then we’ll see who sucks


you’ll never beat muh dark magician.


saltily rip opponents deck in half


You’re 3 days late. What if the young’ins browsing this forum coincidentally see this and mistake this as a problem with the game!!! :frowning: i am disappointed, cloudman.


Unfortunately for you, I’ve built an FTK deck specifically to counter your tactics!

Uninstalls game
Deletes System32
Ignites PC


Did you just betray the sand people?


None already proposed raising the mana cap to 10 and the deck size to 50?

That’s hardly acceptable!


Fremen for life, I’m just undercover screwing Zerg R&D up :wink:


@saltystabwound That…got slightly out of hand.

@cloudfrog I’d give this a like, but I don’t want to encourage bad behaviour. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, I think that’s the normal answer to @loliconartist’s tactics.


There is no normal answer to dealing with me


What did I just read?


Could you imagine if they increased it to 4x duplicates… it would be like the whole world went up in flames.


@tsevech @lordmantis General health to fifty, deckable number of copies to four, deck size to eighty, max mana to ninety, max cards in action bar to thirty, opening hand to four with any number of cards able to be mulliganed up to all four of them, number of cards drawn per turn to two.

There, I destroyed the game, or at least altered it beyond all recognition.