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Hello, newbie here!


(Pre.D: Sorry about my english, im actually learning the language :P)
-“I really hate card games”
This sentence was one of my life’s dogmas during several years, since i lost on a “Magic: The Gathering” tournament when i was 16. This may sound stupid, until you know i spend all my saves for buying a 100€ deck to play the tournament and I studied and practiced during 2 weeks only to lose on the first round against a counterdeck. I’m a really competitive person when i take something serious, and get a lose by luck generate tons of salt on my blood, so i decided to never touch card games again “because i hate RNG based games -excuse-”, and i started to play turn based tactic games, RTS and stuff like that.
But this year (at june or july, maybe), during my vacations, i meet whit a childhood friend, and:


  • Hey dude, i discovered a pretty cool card game! You should play it!
    +Haha, thanks, but i dont play card games anymore, i dont like HS stuff.
  • But listen dude, is NOT just a card game. Its, eh… Like HS whit chess!
    +Eh? Doesn´t sound prety cool tbh.
    -Just give it a shoot, man!
    +shight Okaaaaay…
    I usualy spend my vacations on a isolated town whitout internet, in solitary confinement, so i should go to my friend´s house to play. So he shows me Duelyst, and you may know the rest: I felt in love whit the game.
    I only played some matchs during this month, but i found it really interesting.
    When my vacations ends and i start university, i forget a little of the game, but at the end of last month i decided to try to play seriously (more and less) and here i am!
    The name´s Yalunna, nice to meet you! Im a Gold tier player at this moment, playing some Lyonar and Vetruvian random-customed decks to learn the meta and mechanics. I will try to arrive to Diamond or S-Rank next month if i have enought time to find some cool decks to play on a more-serious style. I´ve read that this game community its really good, so lets have a fun time playing!


Beep Boop.

Welcome. Feel free to continue to experiment what you like since Gold is a lot less meta. Hope you make diamond since it is possible with a free new account with tight play and a few key pulls. Once you play for a couple of months and if you can maintain Diamond for the free cards you can then push for S rank.

As long as you do your dailies you’ll build up a decent collection pretty fast.


Yahallo !
Welcome to the forums, and the game !
Don’t worry, you really don’t have to pay to get the cards you need. Good luck for S Rank !


For someone learning English, you have better grammar than 80% of the people here. Welcome to the forums Yahlunna.


Welcome to the community and Duelyst! Glad to have you :slight_smile:


Nice story you have there jajaja

Welcome to the game and the community! Feel free to ask whatever you want :smile:

And nice job hitting gold! Seeya in diamond next season :wink:


Oh, in fact i reach diamond right now. I was just testing a Vetruvian Obelysk deck, and suddenly i realize i was at rank 5 xD.

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