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Hello! newbie here


Hi guys! I’m Leonardo and I’m from Venezuela! I started to play Duelyst this week :smile:. I’m having a lot of fun with this game! It’s hard but nice. I hope I can meet some cool people to play with and that I could learn how to improve my strategies and decks.

My ingame is Leonardo28. See you around!


Glad to see more people playing and the forums more active. Welcome.


Don’t worry buddy, everyone’s pretty chill here !


¡ Bienvenido :smiley: !

Hope you enjoy your stay and the game, make yourself comfortable.

We are here to talk, so feel free to ask whatever you want here.


Well, I leveled up all my factions to level 11. Atm I think I enjoy Vetruvian and Songhai’s factions. I got some good cards (legendaries and rares) for Magmar and Vanar but I have no idea how to use them properly. I understand what they do, I just don’t know how to build and play decks around them. I have been thinking in disenchanting some of them. Magmar cards are Fractal Replication and Metamorphosis (both rainbow) and Vanar cards are Voice of the Wind (Rainbow) and Ancient Grove. I also got Decimate for Lyonar and Unseven Neutral.

I like Vetruvian because I never run out of cards and Songhai because they combo well with ranged units. I would like to learn more about how to play magmar because I like grow and rebirth abilities :stuck_out_tongue:. But I would like to play it with Starhorn.


Good, join the Magmar Master Race !
But Magmar just can’t be played without Makantor.
The Legendaries you got are, not THAT good.
Don’t DE them though. They can be useful and it’s just MY opinion. Though FR is quite good.
Starhorn, Starhorn just isn’t… Good. Unless you use MillMar and run the new Decimus I guess. Ask around, I don’t use him.


ty dewize! I will keep trying to build a decent Magmar deck (that I can play XD)


Beep Boop (Welcome in Io speak).

For the time being save your spirit. Once you’ve played more and if you continue to like Magmar or any other faction then you can invest in it and salvage stuff from a faction you don’t find particularly fun.

If you wish to play as Magmar what is commonly known as Makantor Jesus is your main priority and then thumping wave after that. Once you get some flash reincarnatons, Sunsteel Golem is a pretty cheapish card you can add into your deck that is a nice combo. I’d probably not open Shimzar boosters either for a while.

I only play Abyssian though so take my advice with a grain of salt.


this is the deck I’m playing right now for Vetruvian. Any suggestions for improving it will be welcomed :stuck_out_tongue:

I also got Third Wish and Auroras Tear


Without knowing what cards you have I’ll stick to common ones you should have.

I would get rid all the creatures that cost more than dancing blades. Those cards are so late that it’s just not worth it. I would add 3x Healing Mystic and add in old Hailstone Golem. As for the rest I’ll let another Vet expert answer :smiley:


This is my data for neutral and Vetruvian (filtered)



I made this Abyssian deck and I’m having a ton of fun. I made it to rank 14-13 with it.


Good Job. A word of warning though, Cass decks are very expensive in terms of spirit when fully built and unfortunately outside of Abyssal Juggernaut, the other payoff cards are legendary (Ghost Azalea and Obliterate).

Also since you’re fairly new, Healing Mystic should be an auto 3 of in every deck you build. You would specifically need a reason to not run it. It’s a 2 mana 2/3 neutral minion that heals a target for 2 and it’s a core card you start with.

I would also take out Lug Ignis,Tethermancer and Shadow Nova and put in Hailstone Golem and Ephemeral Shroud. Shadow Nova is overcosted and tempo loss is normally pretty bad and the other cards just don’t have a good enough cost/effect ratio. Ephemeral Shroud gives your faction targeted dispel which is crucial since we don’t have any of our own.

If you stick with Abyssian in the long run outside of making one of each rare to unlock triple Sister Kelaino, the best card to make is 2 copies of Spectral Revenant as it’s our best faction defining card. Hopefully you can open the third.


Welcome mate :3

If you are interested in joining the Abyssian faction I’ll be more than glad to answer any questions you might have.

Like mentioned before, Cass is not very beginner friendly because of the expensive cards she needs to function properly.
However if you still want to play her I suggest you check out my budget list - mini guide here.

Also I would recommend you figure out your favourite factions and focus on two or three of them. This way you can disenchant faction cards from the ones you don’t play.

Cheers ;3


Ty Very much! I will follow your suggestion :P. I like both Abyssians but I think I don’t have good cards for Lilith atm. Would you suggest to disenchant Lug Ignis and Tethermancer?.


Hi Althur! I like your Blood Wraiths deck I will work toward it.


That’s great! Let me know if you need any tips on alternatives or piloting.

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