Hello, new lurker here! Vetruvian for Life, Sajj for Wife! :)


I’ve been playing for 4 seasons and just now decide to join the community here.

I actually fall in love with Duelyst when the developer posted this games on a HTML5 games developer forum (several months before kickstarter), but forgotten about it after some time passed.
Needless to say, when I know this games released on Steam, it goes straight to my games library :slight_smile:

Beautiful (pixel) art, various emerging card/positioning tactic, and quick gameplay session is just a few reason why I love and keep playing this games. I especially love Vetruvian machine/robot design aesthetic.

Btw, if the thread title and my username is not clear enough: Yes I’m Vet main, and yes Sajj is my waifu.
Don’t judge me :3

Which faction has the best waifus?

Don’t worry, everyone has a waifu here!


Welcome! Lurking these boards is fun, I promise. It’s always good seeing more vet lovers. however, I don’t believe in waifus (but I don’t judge) :sweat_smile:


The Magmar are in serious lack of waifus…

Developers take notes.


We have Taygete my boy! And Taygete is best waifu


Do you frequent the duelyst discord? We sajj players created a server just for her :no_mouth: :blue_heart:


Vets main?

Go take a look to the mighty “the cat-lovers vetruvian happy thread” :wink:

My waifu is zirix, his lips stole the keys of my heart


I agree that all Sworn Sister is high quality waifus material :wink:


Wow, didn’t know about that. But still, Sajj is my waifu guys :smile:


Indeed I have lurking there too! Indeed a happy thread! :smiley:


I’m highly tempted to make a Rick Harrison joke, but I feel that the meme is dead now.


Noted, thanks :smiley:


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