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Hello.... it me!


I’m back! Kinda. Was bored with my usual more fast-paced games and wanted to use my incredibly superior intellect (HUUUUGE brain) instead of my reaction time for once and started playing some games.

I played a few of my old lists and copied/modified a wraithcrown list, but ultimately had the most fun with notabyssian.dek V2, an old favorite of mine.

If you’re feeling burnt out or looking for a reason to play again, or simply need some memes to play since you’ve decayed to the bottom of bronze, look no further.

The goal of this deck is to play other factions. I devised this idea back when Abyssian was unplayable, but I wanted to play Abyssian, so I just… played another faction while playing Abyssian. This deck can consistently play more of your enemy’s minions than they do, and can create some super fun combos.

Notable interactions:

-Araras Prophet’s Feathers + Loreweaver can refill your hand in an instant and heal for a stupid amount… all for zero mana. Not a consistent combo, but one I’m in love with.
-Orbo/Unfathomable Rite + DFS can allow you to play whatever nonsense you get for much cheaper (Orbo often has some expensive pulls).
-Mindlathe + Bound Tormentor isn’t necessarily a combo, but can get Lyonar players who aren’t well versed with Tormentor to concede T2. I’ve lost track of how many time I’ve opened with Tormentor only for them to give me a 1 mana Silverguard Knight, which I play while clearing their Silverguard with Mindlathe. Now they’re provoked and you have 2 charges of mindlathe left - plus there’s usually a mana tile or two open, all under your control.

Weak Spots/Modifications:

-Unfathomable Rite is nearly never played, and is only in there because I want to play it so bad.
-DFS isn’t a strong point in this deck, but comes in clutch sometimes with Desolator for obvious reasons.
-Void Pulse could be swapped out for more tech if needed since in some matchups or in the early game it’s not super good, but can lead to huge hp swings and is great with Loreweaver. The deck is about stealing everything, including hp :slight_smile:

I digress. Been fun visiting dooly again for a bit, and good to see all your gorgeous faces. If you’re curious as to what Maehv/Cassyva monstrosities I’ve been messing with, just let me know :slight_smile: decks from other factions haven’t really changed and can probably be found on my past posts

Orbo = free wins i wish i was joking

Edit: if you’re a new player or don’t know me, don’t netdeck this! This deck is incredibly fun but not designed to be top tier. MEMES


So…any plans to get outta silver? Don’t, it’s meta hell up here :woman_singer: :partying_face:


Lol I said I stopped back to play a few games, not that I was actually going to start playing again.

S-rank Whybot has been dead a long, long time…


Heya :slight_smile: Hope you’ve been doing fine. The list looks spicy, you got that Unleash the Evil finish yet?


A couple :slight_smile: it shows up pretty often lategame. If I double draw one with Loreweaver earlier I replace it of course, so often there’s 2 or 3 in the deck. One of the last games I played I got one with Ghost Seraphim, and earlier I got one with Chakri Avatar (but I had lethal without it).


Fuuuuk, why did i dust my orbo


My favorite one so far with Unleash has been Zendo :stuck_out_tongue: following a Zendo I got from Demonic Conversion



@mmf come on now, you know I have a soft spot for memes…

@miguelosz wow that’s hard to top! My favorite Unleash the Evil lethal is the one I put a twitch clip of in a post a while ago, back when you could abuse it with Xol and it would infinitely have rush and flying… otherwise I don’t think I have one as flashy as that. Maybe a flying Makantor or two :slight_smile:


The Xor bug was fun and interactive ™ as well :smile:

The real dream is of course to Unleash a toilet (WC) Golem.


aaaye welcome back!


oh my goodness why didn’t i think of toilet golem as a nickname
miguel you’re a genius at this


Yes, I’ve got the real important talents :smile:


Yes, like the lack of a space between friendly and Hallowed :honeybee: :stuffed_flatbread:


Now this is an interesting claim. I assume it sometimes does! :slight_smile:
But does it provide more free wins than Grimes or Bloodsworn Gambler?


I think it’s safe to say that Gambler provides the least amount of free wins of these, since Grimes and Orbo have Opening Gambit


I only have a high amount of playtime with two of these, but between Orbo and Grimes I can tell you Grimes is more consistently playable, and also has more possible blowout RNG… but Orbo is just as fun and pops off more often while being less consistent and with slightly less potential, if that makes sense.

Gambler is more of a combo meme but free wins in gauntlet I guess



(I can’t access that actual page right now to provide the direct link, but Orbo.)


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