Hello, I have a question


Could you please tell me what does Vetruvian has over the others factions that it justify the lack of ranged dispels, removals, or any real table-turner spell?


many vet mains have been agonizing over that question for ages


Nothing, we’re just the dev punching bag. Used to be broken, everything broken got nerfed and they just kept on nerfing.


Bite the bullet and move along, there are 5 other factions to play, I’m sure you can find some fun with the hundreds other cards left :wink:


they have 2 main mechanics:

  1. obelysks - dervishes: obelysks spawn free minions each turn that you can trade into minions enemy paid for and kill them, the +1 damage obelysk makes those quite strong.
    there are cards like stars fury (spawn a dervish in front of all enemyes where there is a room) with the +1 buff if you get 3+ spawns with 3 attack and rush it is quite strong for board clear and if you can reach might just get lethal if the opponent is relatively low.
    rasha’s curse (break random artefact and spawn a dervish near the enemy general on location of your choice) again with buffs can be quite good finisher, if breaks an artifact has quite good value. can be used to kill ranged minions near general as well.

  2. blast - basically AoE ranged but only in line. can hit multiple enemyes that stand in single line, can be used to snipe and kill many minions of the opponent if you manage to keep the blast minion alive. it is quite good but slightly weaker than ranged in most cases.

generally most ranged minions are played by songhai and obelysk vetruvian are quite good against them.
in the newest path songhai got probably worst cards of all factions so they will be much less popular soon enogh. not sure how vetruvians fare in the current path, i did saw a few Sajj players that gave me some trouble so i guess with a good balanced deck you could play them with success. but only a good deck, not balanced sajj decks seem even weaker than songhai at the moment.

do note i hardly played vetruvians since they got nerfed last time. i lack a few legendaries to make a 1 turn kill sajj at this point so will likely not play them before i get the cards.


Right now, they have Rash-Nok.
I played him on turn 2 once, yeah that was over quick :slight_smile:

They can be very aggressive now.


Nosh-rak. You DARE disrespect the grandmaster!?


Oh hell yeah, I’m a bloodborn general baby. Also tired :confused:

Edit: actually we could call him Rush-Nao :stuck_out_tongue:


We have circle of desecration that will literally wipe the board clean of all minions not counting those with dying wish. However this card is still pretty fair, dont switch ur faction if u plan on maining them because the devs are unfair. Just keep on keeping on with vetruvian cause they are in a pretty good point as of the new bloodborn expansion.


Circle of Desiccation kills all but Structures, Obelysks usually. Dying wish doesn’t come into it.

Tiredness seems catching :slight_smile:


i assume he meant that if there is a dying wish that spawns a minion, the board won’t really be clear


Cause the devs hate us T.T and seem to love making aggro decks even better than they were :smiley:


Seems like a turn waster though. Magmar can kill every Obelysk (aka the majority of your board if you’re playing an Obelysk desk) with a 3 mana card.

None of the replies explain what make Vet so strong the devs don’t feel like giving it any removal though.


What card a Plasma Storm is 5 mana.


Best way is to figure out for yourself, try it, experiment with it. Vetruvian isn’t lame, but it does have an obvious weakness yes. It also has obvious strengths, and less obvious strengths, and weaknesses.


Oh yeah sorry, my mistake.

Yes, a lot of people say that, weirdly no one ever explains how it justifies the glaring weaknesses.


What exactly do you expect? There is no defiite answer on why vet doesn’t have a usable AoE or an answer to ranged threats? It’s just how the devs decided to design their game, if anything you have to ask them, and i doubt you will get a usefull answer.


What? I just assumed there was a particular reason why the devs thought Vet didn’t need removal. So far almost all the answer boils down to “Vet are the punching bags of the devs” or “Vet is actually really good, but I won’t tell you why tee-hee”.


No one knows why the devs is let’s be honest, freaking bad at balancing vets. Vets used to be top tier, with a lot of interesting interactions and keywords such as scions third wish giving blast and time maelstorm giving you a whole turn. Portal guardians being broken cause it was a 0-9.

But the problem is when the devs nerf vets, they don’t balance it, they kill it. When they nerf the cards they give.nothing.In rreturn and make the entire faction completely unviable. Instead of balancing the overtuned deck, they kill it completely. And it wasn’t once, it has happened throughout the ENTIRE period till this very day.

Why is that so? How would we know, like the recent siphon nerf, it was honestly just plain dumb. It’s literally auto-concede vs backline troops because vets can’t reach it. No counter okay, no nothing, you just lose cause the devs said “we want vet players to better position themselves” because they think We don’t care about positioning when using siphon. The ironic part is that vets are the only class with distance based conditions for.removal e.g. dominate will, anthropic decay. And EVERY OTHER FACTION can just use their global spells but the devs won’t even bat an eye, just vets. Why? How would we know.

We’re kinda sick of how they decide.to balance vets, especially now, instead of giving us better removals or ways to compensate in answering threats that people summon in a corner, they give us.power creeped cards like falcius and nosh-rak to just somehow patch up the hole they’ve dug for vet players. Your answer for “why did they do this?” , no one knows. " and as for “why the devs hate vets?” Cause they’ve nerfed every single faction.identity vets have , right now, we’re just kind of the minion value faction.

“Vets are really good!” That’s just wishful thinking or players that haven’t hit the huge wall in,diamond to S. And the.only viable deck type ATM is dervish vet because they can swarm so easily and the only faction with a very solid card to counter them is plasma storm


You have to play them differently because of your lack of range. You have a few tools to extend your reach but they often end up being expensive so using a utility card to combo with shroud can be a huge tempo loss. Rasha’s Curse, Stars Fury, Bone Swarm, can help you chip away or reach ranged targets. As long as you can keep near your opponent you can usually reach their units but if they can plop down a ranged value unit(Keilano, Buffed Heartseekers, Pandora, etc…) in a distant corner(Gor, Mist Dragon Seal,) then often times it can mean a loss.

I think a change would be nice to help fix this problem but I am not sure what could be done to stick with the proximity theme that they are trying to enforce with Vet.