Hello, I am PelicanThree


Hello Duelysters!
My name in game is PelicanThree, which is a play on what I do for a living. I started Duelyst back in December and just in the last month or so got really into it. I main Magmar and I am really pushing to hit gold this month. I use a mostly aggro-centered deck and would love to have you all add me in game for a friendly match, and to share play tips and such. Best of luck in game and life.



Welcome Pelican! :smiley:

Hope you enjoy the game as much as we do.

If you want, my tag in-game is POLINCHI, and you can add me if you want :wink:

Good luck there!



What happened to the other pelicans?


Oh, there are many :wink:



This is impressive.


Which are you?

My guess is the third from the right.


Silly, he’s not on the picture, he’s at home playing Duelyst.


I quite like pelicans.

Welcome to the forums!