Hello from Newcomer


What is your advice in general?
Should i buy speacial offers?
Thank you.


first and foremost welcome to Duelyst, buy core spirit orb don’t buy the shim’zar or blood born yet, enrich your collection with high value cards from the core set and then you can buy the other orbs.

i’m sure the others will give you an even more detailed advice, have fun man :smiley:



This is a list of cheap decks for beginners that are very good. It tells you what cards to add in as your collection grows but they are definitely a very good starting point.

If you have more specific questions we can help but your request is pretty vague. Welcome to the game hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Well before you get too invested I would make sure that you play through all of the solo stuff and play some games in the lower tiers of ladder. But for purchasing the specials are definitely the way to go.


Thank you for the reply.
i have specific question.
i m aiming full collection with grinding.is it possible or i must buy orbs at some point?


In theory it is possible, but it’d involve a lot of grinding. Like I’m talking maybe Years at this point to have a complete collection, especially with the rate expansions come out. You can put together a competitive deck in a few weeks if you Disenchant everything else, but this is usually not recommended. If you plan on buying orbs, yes the specials are the way to go (even the new boss crates if you don’t mind shimzar). If you really wanna grind to a full collection I suggest you get really good at gauntlet, as that’s the best way to get more cards.


Hello from almost-year-user. Play the factions and try your hand at gaining gold through quests before you decide to invest money into orbs (though the Rise of the BloodBorn orbs are worth the $20 in my opinion). See what you like and disenchant what you don’t.


i am a 100% free to play and have been playing the game for about a year. i have basically the entire collection+expansions except for legendaries. and even then i have atleast 1 of most legendaries. it can be done, though buying specials is much quicker and the specials are a better deal than buying orbs normally. focus on the core, craft what you need from shimzar, and occasionally get a bloodborn orb.


Its possible, but it takes time to get a full collection. If you want to buy orbs using real money the best way is via the one-time offers as their provide the best value. Should be said that its possible to climb ranked with cheap or budget decks and in ranked you want to aim for at least gold (rank 10) for the free random legendary card. Heard that Gauntlet is worth doing if you can keep getting at least 4 wins (need someone to confirm this), while you get a free Gauntlet ticket at 7 wins. So you are good at Gauntlet you can basically keep going forever and not really pay for it.


Technically constantly getting 7 wins is the goal since that means infinite gauntlet tickets and cards


i think its generally accepted that 3 wins in gauntlet is the break even point


3 Gauntlet wins is a good place to start at, but later you will need a higher goal if you want reasonable rewards.


I have been playing for like 8 months, and I am satisfied with my collection. I have done my quests 90% of the time and spent maybe $60 on bonuses. I don’t have anywhere near a complete collection, but I have pretty much all of the commonly used cards and by playing somewhat regularly I have enough Spirit Income to craft random cards that I want to experiment with.


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