Hello from Malaysia!


Good morning/afternoon/evening!

I’m JerNat in-game, an almost two month old fetus in the Duelyst community XD. Was originally a MtG geek with a love for big, smashy things (for those that understand the terminology, I’m a G/R Timmy at heart) but my wallet was starting to scream at me for keeping up with the hobby. So here I am instead… as a Vaath main.

I’m really in love with this game and its chess-like element, the quirks and flavours between each faction and how it satiates my somewhat competitive cravings. I intend to be here for the long run, so I thought it might be a good idea to say hello!

Ended up at the bottom of Diamond last month, now I’m rank 3 and trying to see if I can crawl my way into S-rank despite my inexperience, rampant stupid plays and lamentable wi-fi conditions =p And yes, I’m garbage at Gauntlet.

I think I’m starting to ramble, so I’ll stop here. Happy gaming and feel free to add me in-game!


uinah good to know i’m not the only bolehland player. welcome :smile_cat:


Hey, welcome to the game, although you’re already pretty experienced.
Good to see Magmar is pretty popular, they’re the best after all :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I hope you have a good time here !


Yoooooo, fellow Malaysian here~ Our wallets are bleeding cause of the x4 conversion rate xd
My IGN is the same as this one and I’ve sent a friend request. Im a vet main and might be inactive due to the siphon nerf T.T

Looking forward to meet with you in game when my faction is revived or I can get myself to burn all my remaining spirit on another faction (which may be a bad idea).


Hey, congrats for the diamond!
Here the community is super easy and friendly, so nice that you join to us!;D
Which list do you like to play as magmar?
Atm I’m using a control Vaath, and reached gold (playing from a month) but wanna make some other list with this awesome faction…
Cya here or in game!


Yeah lor conversion shenanigans memang sakit =p Yep, I’ve accepted, let’s do some duels sometime!

Is the siphon nerf really that crippling? Maybe it’s just me, but most Vet decks I’ve faced seem pretty solid all around. Then again, I’m not ranging things to death, so…

@ninthghost Bolehlanders unite! XD

@dokfitz : Thanks! The friendliness of the Duelyst community seems to be a recurring sentiment, and I can see why. Everyone who I’ve added or has added me post-match has been very polite and/or helpful. :smile:

As for the decklist, I’m currently using (and trying to master) Keeper Magmar. Got inspired to give it a whirl after looking through deathsadvocate’s Keeper guide and one other player’s decklist whose name i can’t remember (neither can I seem to find his original post… ah well).

I’ve only played about 25-30 games with it, but it’s serving me relatively well and incredibly fun to use imo.

It’s also incomplete, as I’m lacking one more Chrysalis Burst, but here’s how it’s suppose to look like:


Imo, the deck’s very versatile. One could say it fits the midrange mould, but depending on the hand it could provide startling damage output in the early game thanks to rush minions and buffs, or decent control before you start building up board pressure to sustain into the late game.
I’m still not that used to piloting it yet though, not sure if it’s because the deck’s hard to master or I’m just slow. =p

So I’m no Keeper Mag expert, but if you have any specific questions about the list please ask away and I’ll do my best to answer.

P.S: Thumping Wave is the best bunny spell ever.


Nice list, next one I make is something similar or a twin fang-kujata combo…
Just one thing the iridium scale?! Is like a closer or a treath killer?!
And yes I agree with you for the thumping wave! ;D


Add me too! :slight_smile: another bolehlander! Vanar main here


Abyssian/Songhai F2P Malaysian. Congrats on diamond!! XD I’m just barely made to gold this month.


Vets suffered quite badly. Sajj is unplayable atm and Zirix is kinda doing fine if there isn’t something you need to dispel. You’ll definitely feel the problem when someone backs off and just summons a fourwind or a kelaino out of your reach, and you’ve basically lost the game cause of that.


Iridium scale is incredibly situational (hence the one off) and likely only useful in the later portion of the game when Vaath has BBS a couple times. But it’s cheap to cast and acts as a surprise removal, especially if the opponent tries to box you in with a horde of minions. In the deck Vaath sometimes wants to go face, so the scale does help in clearing the rabble in the way.


Vaath 90% time go face (even my control list), all Vaath vs Vaath game are the two general standing in the middle of the chessboard, bbsing and casting spell to annihilate the opponents minions, soo redneck!


Yosh, Malaysian here as well. Been playing since May. I normally just climb to diamond, then play gauntlet mostly.

Good to see more folks from the region, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia.