Hello from Finland


Hi there,

I’m a 25ish guy from Finland. I’ve played Duelyst a bit over a month now, just for fun and for general interest in many sorts of card games. I’ve found it pretty well balanced and a nice experience even for just playing 2-5 games a day when I’ve got enough time (before that I played Pokemon TCGO for half a year and although it was awesome in some aspects, everyone who has played it a bit more knows the obvious downsides it has). Besides strategy games (and Pokemon Go :flushed:), my interests include prog rock, anime/manga, psychology and philosophy.

I thought that it would be nice to get some social experience also out of the game and that’s why I registered on the forums. I’m solely an Abyssian player, and I might ask later for advice to improve my swarm deck. I’m currently hanging in Silver around 14. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome, glad you find this game entertaining, I can’t help you with swarm decks but there are many good abyssian players ready to help you. I’m just a meme player fooling around with fun and not competitive decks. Anyway I haven’t seen any pokemon players here, but there are some anime fans (me included).


Welcome ! It’s great to see more “weebs” here. Oh and you like Pokemon too ? And psychology ? Are you me ? Well, an older “me” but whatever.
Anyway and again, welcome !


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Well, thanks and nice to meet you, younger me :grin:


Nice to meet you too :smiley: Have a fun time 'round here.


@miguelosz, im an abyssian swarm player too, im at diamond 5 right now, if you want some pointers message me


Love Pokemon as well. Pretty excited for Sun & Moon coming out next month. Welcome to the game, hope you enjoy your time with us!


Think pokemon card was my first tcg!
Anyway wlcome to this awesome community!;D


Thank you, I might do that! :slight_smile:


Same here :smiley: Although I had no idea how the special conditions etc. worked when we played with the 1st generation Pokemon cards as kids! Thanks!


hahaah soo real! cya in game or here…