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Hello from a clueless noob


Hello ! (it’s how you should start a topic, right?)
(disclaimer : English isn’t my native language and I know I make a lot of errors, sorry if I make your eyes bleed; to top it off I’m also known to make indigest long blobs of text… well I’m not known but if I would… anyway you got the idea (also, I likes parentheses a bit too much))

I started Duelyst last Friday after being reminded by a youtube channel I watch occasionally that this game existed and that a mix between tactical and collectible card games sounds pretty interesting.
So far, I haven’t been disappointed.

So… I’ve played gauntlet (once) and a couple dozens ladder matches with a Argeon Highmayne deck scraped together with the basic cards (I managed to reach gold yesterday evening, I pushed for it a bit to get the extra epic… or was it legendary? I’m not sure) and I have a couple questions.

What is the “common etiquette”(?) when playing Duelsyt ? I usually start my matches by “Hello”+“GLHF” and end them with “Well played” (when I think about it), but maybe it can be seen as annoying (or even mocking). I sometimes use emojis as well how are they perceived? Should I refrain from using them?

Also, after reading a couple posts here and there, I stumbled upon the name “turn1mystic” and it intrigued me a bit. Is there something special to it? I mean, like “you should play that 2 drop turn 1 even if you don’t benefit from it’s ability just to be able to reach that mana spring” or “this is a terrible play”? On a more generic note, what about ephemeral shroud, is it seen as a waste to drop it on the first turn if you have nothing else to play?

I noticed that I had a much easier time playing Argeon than any other faction in ranked, is it normal? I mean, is the Argeon basic set stronger than other’s factions, easier to play, or do I only have a better feel for Argeon?
I also noticed that my opponents were suddenly a lot tougher when I hit silver 11 (tbh, I really shouldn’t have reached gold) being more cautious to be out of range of my big minions (my wincon is usually divine bond on a 4+ drop) and consistently played what seemed to be good rares/legendaries/epics (things like chrisalys burst, sojourner, holy immolation, makantor warbeast, ironcliff guard…). The gap was so surprising I wondered whether it was due to my ranking alone or some timing (as if in the very last hours, a few people try to at least push for gold), is it the case? or is it normal?

I apologize for this long post, also, if you’re interested, here was the deck I was playing if you want to mock me :stuck_out_tongue: (it had necroseers instead repulsor beasts at the very beginning but I found myself recycling those away, I think it really lacks 2 drops, but for some reason I was often the second player, how is that decided btw? 50% chance? there probably are a lot of mediocre cards in there too)

1 argeon highmayne
3 rock pulverizer
3 tempest
3 windblade adept
3 divine bond
3 martyrdom
3 repulsor beast
3 saberspine tiger
3 silverguard knight
3 hailstone golem
3 lysian brawler
3 primus shieldmaster
3 brightmoss golem
3 stormmetal golem


Welcome to the forums! :smiley:

Good question about etiquette! I have no idea, would like to know as well.

I say GLHF when I am the starting player, and I wait to see if the other player says something when I am player 2, in which case I reply. But that’s probably just me.
I also say Well Played after a match and sometimes during if I think they had a great turn.

I really miss an Emoji that says: “Wow, nice play!” I really hope we get sopmething to convey that with an emoji sometime, as Well Played is confusing, I see people react with the ?! one, maybe thinking I have lethal the next turn.

turn1mystic is a website for Duelyst info :slight_smile:

I would say do not waste Ephemeral on turn 1 (I guess unless you have a really amazing awesome 4-drop or so that’s enabled by it (I also like parentheses btw :D)).

Argeon is strong, but maybe it’s more to do with him being kind of straightforward. It requires less combo pieces to be good or so? I think all Factions are balanced nicely on the whole (there’s always room for improvement I guess, though).

Yes the difficulty increase there is normal. Gold gives you the Legendary.

Not too long, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


Hello! (good start for a topic!)

I don’t think there’s a strict set of rules on this one. It’s like asking what the rules for social interaction are. Just try to be a decent human being and you’ll do fine.

Turn1Mystic is this site. It’s a new site with strategy content.

Don’t play Ephemeral Shroud on turn 1. It would just be wasted card and most often your opponent can even deal with it profitably by killing it before it reaches any mana tile.

I’d say that Lyonar is easier to play because it doesn’t rely as much on synergy between its cards as other factions do. Lyonar is effective when you just play your minions and attack with them, whereas other factions need to play towards a specific game state to make some/most of their cards useful. It can also be powerful just by running its faction cards and some commons and rares, where other factions needs epics and legendaries.

Those difference in perceived difficulty are hard to explain. Most likely you just ran into a streak of players with above-average cards for their rank. From my experience, the difficulty doesn’t ever change drastically from one rank to another. You are always paired with players slightly higher or lower than yourself, so going from one rank to another won’t drastically change the players you are paired against. That said, Diamond and upwards is usually regarded as the most competitive field. There you’ll see mostly decks that have left their childhood stages behind them.

For future reference: use this site to build decks and to post them on the forum. Makes it much nicer to look at.

Your deck looks solid. I would swap out the Lysian Brawlers for Azurite Lions and then you should be good in terms of early game/getting those mana tiles. The rest you’ll find out in due time :slight_smile:


Welcome to Mythron, where we all fight over a tower


Thanks for your answers!
I actuallly knew turn1mystic was a website though, I was just wondering why they chose that name (I assumed that it was either a terrible thing to do, or a too rarely seen play, hence my question: if it’s considered something you should do be it only for the mana spring, do people also think you should do the same with ephemeral shroud? which you unanimously answered by no) but I was a bit confusing, I often am.


Hello! Olxinos.

Whats your native language? :slight_smile:

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    There is no actual rules on the emojis and messages. I personally have my days in which i “talk” a lot, and sometimes not at all. Jut be nice and thats it. Community here isnt toxic at all in my opinion.
    BUT if i would have to say something about the emojis: I think the Lyonar Laugh looks really ironic and i actually use it to mock my opponent a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

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    I think the “turn 1 mystic” is just because its a normal play. Mystic is a really good basic set 2 drop, and its also one beloved card i think (you can even buy mystic emojis). So i think thats why the name: A simple move we have all done and like for a site with info for new and not so much players… Seems fitting :smile:
    I think you would be wasting a shroud on turn 1. depends on your deck, but better start off with another drop and keep him.

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    Some factions are easier than others: i think lyonar and magmar are the easiest ones because they dont need lots of expensive cards nor combo pieces, their minions pretty much work on their own. But it still has a lot to do with what you feel comfortable.

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    A lot of players experience that when reaching gold and diamond. I felt it myself and saw a lot saying that. Though im not so sure why that happens, i think the biggest problem is diamond: ladder becomes really hard in there.

Enjoy your stay in the forums and in the game! And feel free to ask whatever you feel like :smiley: We complain about lots of stuff, but we are a nice community i think jajaja.


If I was going first as Player 1 and Shroud was my only two drop I would play so long as I had a four mana play for the next turn. I feel these forums overvalue dispel.

Tbh, whether you play it turn one changes on a case by case basis. If you’re playing against a faction with lots of good dispel targets, are otherwise lacking in removal, or don’t have a four mana play to accelerate into I would keep in my hand. Experience will tell you what the correct answer is.


Sorry for the late answer, I’m French (you know… we French people tend to ridicule ourselves when trying to speak English :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Thanks for the clarification about turn1mystic’s name (and for your answer!), I didn’t know that creature was so popular.

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