Hello Everyone!


Hello everyone! I’m somewhat new to Duelyst and just wanted to post an introduction here on the forums. I’ve been playing for around a week at this point, and I’m thrilled to see such a friendly community and a fantastic game. I’ve been playing TCGs and CCGs ever since I was in middle school. I started with Yu-Gi-Oh and continued to play until about two years ago. In high school, a classmate introduced me to Magic: The Gathering which I’ve been playing for around five years now. I’ve also played Force of Will for a short period of time. Currently, I’m playing Duelyst (of course), Hearthstone, and some Magic on the side. What I guess I’m trying to get at is that I love card games and have been playing them for a while now. Anyway, I can’t wait to meet more people in the community than I already have!

– Thanks, Trentscendence

P.S. I’m thinking about creating a Twitch account to live stream Duelyst and help spread the word to encourage more players to join. If you’ve ever live streamed before and don’t mind helping a stranger out, I’d greatly appreciate any advice/input you have about the process.


I don’t know anything about advertising a stream, but for software, Open Broadcaster Software is pretty good.

If you have any questions about the game, don’t shy away from making a thread or sending some of the more prolific posters a pm, everybody here is friendly (even raqyee)


@maelrawn Thanks for the advice! I’ll give it a shot. To be honest, I don’t know if I really want to advertise any streams, but I think it would be really cool as a way to get more people to join. Also, thanks for the confidence boost about posting some threads. :slight_smile: To be honest I’ve never rally engaged in forums of any kind before this one. Like I said in my original post, everyone is so nice in this community and it’s very welcoming. I know in Hearthstone I have two friends and they’re both people I know in real life. On here though, I’ve already made three friends just by playing ranked. It’s awesome! Thanks again!


Welcome to the Duelyst community! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask :wink:.


Thanks @akurane! I really appreciate it! Everyone’s so friendly :smiley:


When you do get it set up, post the link to your stream and I’ll try and watch it when I can!


@phayze Thanks! I’m hoping to set it up within the next week or two, and when I do I’ll post the link in here! The only problem is that I have to go to an oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth removed :’( so that will probably affect when I can set stuff up and stream.


Welcome to the forums and the Duelyst community :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums! I hope you do create a twitch to stream :smiley: More streamers is always a good thing and it’d be cool to see your take on the game having come from such a rich card game background.


Hello, newcomer !
I’m not much of a big personnality around here and quite “bad” at the game but, still, how could this stop me from welcoming people ? So, welcome ! Hope you’ll enjoy the game ( and don’t miss the 20 free orbs you can get from Humble Bundle for free )


Thanks for the warm welcome @Aeruniel!

Thanks so much @Ryvirath! It means a lot to hear you say that. I must admit I’m a little nervous
to try streaming, but this gives me a little of a confidence boost. I
really appreciate it!

Also, thanks @dewize for the notification of the humble bundle. I didn’t even know that was a deal that was occurring right now. Also, thanks for the welcome!!!