Hello everyone, new player here


Hi I’m Sarpedon, new to Duelyst, I started playing the game at the beginning of September. I really enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to improving myself and learning new things about this excellent game.
In September I achieved Diamond rank 5 playing Vanar.
IRL I’m french and I’m a teacher.
See you soon :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums Sarpedon! What type of Vanar builds have you been using?


Thank you very much !

Actually, I’m still building the deck, I lack good cards and I need to manage with almost only basic cards, that’s an interesting challenge ! I’ve been playing a lot around avalanche and frostburn to deal with invasive minions, and aspect of the fox and shroud to deal with bigger threats. Fenrir Wamaster and crystal cloaker help me get some early pressure on the field while snowpiercer gives me some close combat assets.
I’m trying my best, but my dream is to get a Draugar Lord or a Frosthorn Rhyno to replace my Arctic Displacer :slight_smile:


Greetings ! Welcome to the game :stuck_out_tongue: You reached Diamond in a month ? Wow ! I need to get tips from you. Aside from that it’s good to see I’m not the only french here.
I’m also pretty sure you’re still eligible for the 20 free orbs from Humble Bundle if you didn’t know, so, go get’em !


Hi dewize, thank you for the tip about Humble Bundle, I checked it but that’s too late for me :stuck_out_tongue:
Add me in game if you want to talk later :slight_smile:


Aww, that’s too bad ! I’ll probably add you when I got time to play the game tomorrow.


welcome sarpedon. i suggest a couple of things. first play a game with a friend, it will give you a pack. i also suggest doing the training they give you gold, besides that i wish you luck.


Thanks for the tips devilsace, I didn’t know about the game vs a friend :smiley:


Is this only for new players? I’m playing for 4 moths now but never played against my friends.


Nope, it’s a hidden quest in the game, it’s there till you do it.


Cool, thank you.


if you dont have any friends i will happily be your friend. the game is fun. it does take a while to get good cards. try to atleast stay in silver each month so you can get some good stuff.


I’d welcome you in French but then I’d have to auto-moderate me.

Good luck playing Vanar, feel free to share your decks on the forums :>


Then welcome in French, then moderate it into English, easy.


Wow congratulations for the diamond, lol got a vanar budget list but only reached silver (15 in like a week).
Here the community is super easy and friendly, nice to see you here!