Hello duelyst buddies


I’m DOKFITZ; I’ m playng this really awesome game from less than a week but I’ m already fall in love, the comunity is simply great (unexpected!), the game, you know, is excellent and challenging.
Atm I’ m rank 16 with a vanar funny deck, afther this I wanna make an healyonar one…

I’ m an artist (if you have time and wanna see some of my pieces… https://www.instagram.com/dok.fitz/ or http://dok-fitz.deviantart.com/) and a card gamer (played MTG, Cthulhu,Tyrant Unleashed, Heartstone…), also other online game as Quake (<3) and LoL.

Can’ t wait to enter in this awesome community!
Cya around or in game!


Hey there, welcome ! Vanar and Healyonar are quite fun yeah, I love’em ;D
Community is indeed quite good, everyone’s helping out.
Aside from me because I’m a not that of a good player but I still hope I can help whenever I have an occasion to.
Have a good time playing !


Welcome to the Duelyst community! It’s glad to see another artist in the forums :smile:. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask~


Thanks for the warm welcome!
Already posting my question for the community, thanks!


Heye hey. I rememebered a thing I actually told every newcomer but… Have you gotten the 20 free orbs from Humble Bundle ? Go get’em if you didn’t !


Already claimed!;D