!?! Hello Developer !?! Twelve Magmar's Player on 20 on Gold Rank


One player out of two in s-rank…Waaaw what a non-diversity ! There is 6 factions on this game not only one.
I also have a very good Magmar Deck whit all the new cards yes, but … I do not play it because I’m disgusted to play against a Magmar pratically every game … Disgusted is really the word, I play since the beginning of the game, I like this game, bravo to developer but there the pleasure of playing is no longer there and so I think to stop playing … There was a time in this game we could a little time build his way to victory … now the most efficient is just damage, damage and damage, full damage … Oooh game over turn 6 !
Maybe it’s Duelyst who’s game Over ?


Were you there when SpellHai was a thing? It’s nothing new, just that it’s Magmar this time. Sure it’s cancer but it will get nerfed so just wait for it.

Oh, also, please completely edit the post, the first part is impossible to understand.
12/20 players in Gold play Magmar you say in your title but then you proceed to talk about S? What the fuck?


Well, since I’ve been in S-rank I hasn’t felt like every second game was magmar :confused:

Although under the watch section for S-rank, 7/20 are in fact magmar, I acknowledge this is a very small sample size but still I guess 1/2 isn’t far off, but it’s not near as bad as october reva :smile:


Think he’s talking about the replay section. Which isn’t always a good indication since it can vary a lot throughout the day.

Even if it was 1 in every 2 was Magmar, its not exactly the worse thing to ever happen. Since if you are able to counter them, then you got a good chance of winning a lot of games and if their are too strong I’m sure CP will do something about it in a patch. Like they always seem to do.


OP has rancid English and honestly shouldn’t be posting at all, nevermind a whiny rant like this, until he learns the language. This thread is useless.


Locking thread, nothing to really discuss here.