Heavy Heal lyonar


I have been working on this deck and i would like to see your opinion to the deck and any improvements that could be made.
Deck list: http://imgur.com/a/KjxRa


Some cards I disagree with:
Slo: not really what this kind of deck wants, works well in more aggressive Argeon deck, but healyonar is slower.
Fiz: I prefer Axure Herald, gives you some more face-healing, as your BBS covers all your minion healing.
Tempest: Skorn is normally better, 1 less damage but you get a 3/3 body and having a body is pretty important in these types of decks (it can also be healed immediately).
Lady Locke: not really a swarm deck that can capitalize off of this, so it would be best to replace it.
Radiant Dragoon: There are just better 3-drops, and more open slots are needed.
Ironcliffe Heart: Never experimented with this, but seems there would be better alternatives, and there aren’t enough cheap minions to transform.
Owlbeast sage: no other arcanyst, and not enough cheap, spammable spells.
Silhouette Tracer: it would be better with other general attack buffs.

Cards you should consider:
Ironcliffe guardian: Great card, you should have three. Beefy provoke, lots of healing potential, basically a must-add.
Holy Immolation: Also a must-have, can replace Sunset Paragon as a large aoe. Also has healing synergy.
More sunforge lancers, these are great in this deck. Permanent attack buffs.
Arclyte Regalia, not necessary, but is a great card and gives more finishing potential with tracer.
Circle of Life: More single-target removal, also face healing, which is always good, very likely to proc heals and stops you from dying.


Thanks for your advice do you mind putting a sample deck list link or something where i can take idea how the deck should look but yeah thx for advice


Although, I should say, this deck was in a kind of testing-phase when I stopped playing it, so it won’t be perfect, but could give you an idea of what to build.


Thank you very much for your work and I will be testing the deck to make it perfect