Heaven's Eclipse : "worth it" or "tempo killer"?



I like to play Songhai, any type but mostly the non meta current one.
In most (all?) Songhai decks, being Arcanist, Control, Onyx, Spellhai, Cranky, I see these Heaven’s Eclipse. I don’t have any, for now, and everytime I had to use it (through Gauntlet or thanks to a generous Xho pet) I found it at best “average”.

Everytime, I felt some sort of tempo loss, despite the fact that I usually use cheap spell, never been happy with it.

Is it really staples on every Songhai deck ?
Can’t it be replaced by a better card ? (Spelljammer, cheap Blaze Hound, or even … Ancestral Divination ?!)

Looking forward in your wise advices, people, for now, I’m holdin my Spirit and I will craft (or not) after your answers :wink:


When I started I used Lkian instead that got me onto diamond. Then I crafted 3x HE, maybe 3 is overkill but depending on the deck variation (atm I’m using a spellhai-control variation, based on Mr. Esports decklist) it can save your pretty ass. It’s true that most of the time you basically skip a turn (then again depending on the deck, if you are aggro and run lots of 0 mana spells it could help to buff your chakri avatar, juxta onto the enemy face and end it right away) but if used when the opponent is low on card it 1-gives you card advantage 2-synergize anyway with what you have on board, be it a magi, a bloodrage mask or a chakri and 3- it works as tutor for your spiral tech, which is usually run in 1x to end the game the next turn


So … 1 is not enough, 2 is ok, 3 is too much ?


yeap, and also it’s a really good card. It’s basically songhai’s late game. Imagine havng 1-2 cards left in hand and you have exhausted all your steam with your opponent low on health and you have 1 minion to none on board. Cast heaven’s eclipse and you draw three spells, instant hand refill. As for Reva, you can just run and summon a heartseeker in the later turns so you’ll never really have an empty board. It also indirectly draws you a minion as you thin out the spells you have in your deck, making it more likely to draw a minion at the end of the turn.


You kinda ahve to figure it out yourself :stuck_out_tongue: as i said it depends on the deck you play to start with. Atm I’m kinda fine with 3 cause I don’t want to risk to go mid-late game with 1-2 cards in hand. If you have other sources of draw even 1 could be fine (if i’m not wrong aggro lists runs 3x spelljammers and 1 or 0 HE, cause they basically try to rape you in the very first turns so you might not even be able to play it)


wont happend now that other factions also got some draw cards in the new patch