~ Intro ~

Before getting into it, it’s important to understand what is a cycle card. It is basically a card that replaces itself for another card. Not to be confused for the replace mechanic where a card is returned to your deck. A cycle card when played is removed from the deck and a new card comes into it’s place. Best example of this are all those 1 mana spells that do something and also draw you a card, out of which Sphere of Darkness being the strongest due to it having a really strong effect attached to the cycle mechanic. Dreamgazer is different because you don’t play it to cycle it but rather replace it and rather than Dreamgazer returning to deck, it is removed from it and comes into play, essentially working as a cycle card.

The idea behind this whole concept is to thin out your deck ie to get the effect of running less cards than you’re required in order to improve the consistency of drawing good cards like your removal or win conditions. 39 cards per deck is a lot, I don’t think there’s a deck out there that really wants to run the whole 39 cards but they must because it’s a game rule that needs to be followed. So if it’s possible to cheat that fact in the factions that don’t have the tools to do it with spells, why not do it?

~ The past~

Before discussing the card at it’s current state, it’s important to look back at how it was at it’s strongest. It basically had the same effect, but it was a 2 mana 2/2 instead. Now, the card got nerfed somewhere around the time I just started playing the game so I didn’t get to experience it first hand all that much. However, I do remember that it was in every single deck simply because it cycling combined with a noticeable free body was just too good of a deal to pass up, especially on turn 1.

People nowadays play a 2 mana 2/3 as their average turn 1 opening play, what used to happen is people playing a 2 mana 2/3 and a 0 mana 2/2. Even if you weren’t playing the game during that time it’s easy to understand the implications of it.

~ The present ~

Card is dead. Couldn’t be deader. I think I know a single person that still runs it but I’m not too sure about that either. Hell, it’s not even run in swarm decks where the card is a perfect fit. Last time I’ve seen the card being run is in Addi’s mega disgusting low curve aggro swarm in pre-Skorn era. And I can’t help to wonder why? Other than it working really well in swarm decks, especially now when Skorn is nerfed, the card still does the job of thinning out your deck and when played on turn 1 it still has the potential to contest mana tiles and to help your general trade into 3 hp targets.

Does it being a dead card when replaced into such an awful thing? Are Skorns, Bloodtears and Cassys really that common to render it completely useless? When it comes to turn 1 where the card is the strongest, the only thing that really kills it is Bloodtear. Is paying 2 health for a free card, cycle, and the potential to have easier trades and grab the mana tiles not worth that risk? And in midgame, is it really that bad if the card gets removed anyway? Outside swarm decks, It’s main job in the midgame isn’t to serve as a relevant body in the first place. Hey, when it comes to Cassy, if you’re playing as her you can ping the little guy yourself in order to generate a friendly creep.

~ Conclusion ~

What the fuck? What am I missing here? Why is this card not played? It’s a cycle card with an upside for god’s sake and it’s negative sides don’t seem that awful to completely bury it. Even when the card was strong, you still didn’t like drawing into it and I doubt that replacing it midgame gave much larger board presence than it does now and it still was arguably the most broken card of that time.

Now, I’m not a good player, far from it. But am I really that bad so I can’t see things clearly? It’s also important to mention how I didn’t actually try out the card for myself because I don’t own three copies of it so all of this is can be interpreted as me talking out of my ass. But god damn, I had to say something because this just doesn’t sit well with me. Is someone here who actually played the card recently, or at least played it post nerf at some point so I can hear their opinions, those are the ones I care about the most.


Card of the Day April 12, 2017 Artifact Hunter

Imagine you’re in midgame and replace into a Deamgazer. You’re spending a turn to replace into a dreamgazer - when you could have gotten something much more relevant - and spending another replace to cycle that thing away. If I don’t draw into Dreamgazer during mulligan, I’m running a risk of wasting 2 replaces.
For most of my games, I replace almost every single turn because I have to adjust to my opponents’ plays. I’m not willing to put in this gimmicky thing in my deck that has the risk of fucking up my crucial moments of replacing into relevant stuff. The opportunities that Dreamgazer offer don’t outweigh the risk of it jinxing my replace draws IMO.


But how is that different from drawing any other bad card? You can try to make your deck as consistent as possible but bad draws will always happen. Difference is how when it happens with this card, the next turn you get to replace it ie play it for free, lowering the chances of future bad draws as opposed to your scenario when you return the card back to the deck. And you could argue how you’d want to use that card later on so it’s fine, but that still lowers the chances of you drawing your deck’s core cards.

Iunno, it makes sense to me but I might be misunderstanding something.


Most bad draws aren’t naked 1/1 for 2 mana bad


By a bad draw I implied a card that you can’t play the turn you replace into it. Be that a spell that has no good targets, a too expensive minion or simply a tech card you want to save for later. If you can’t or don’t want to play it anyway it doesn’t matter what it is.

Also it’s 1 mana 1/1 now. Not relevant to the statement above but might as well correct it to avoid any confusion in the future.


Interesting topic. I think I have the card in my collection, but I have never played it.

I cannot find evident flaws in your logic and you almost convinced me I should try the card. If I had to find one reason why the card is not played, it’s maybe that people underestimate how annoying it can be having a 1/1 going around the battlefield. Sure, the body sucks, but it can be used to extend your reach and to stop the way to your opponent.

When I log in, I will check how many copies I have. If I have at least 2, I may try it for a while.


Right, it got a mana reduction, that’s worth something I suppose.
The thing with gazer is that it’s a particularly bad draw, because you can’t just freely replace it away. As the game goes on, that 2 damage ping for a measily 1/1 can become quite uncomfortable. It’s similar to a ramp card like crystal wisp, in that you really only want to draw it during the opening hand and first few turns, because it’ll have the biggest tempo impact then. When it was still a 2/2, the impact was quite amazing, and you’d gladly take the drawback of sometimes having an awful draw mid-lategame, as well as the other drawbacks- losing 2 life, random spawn on the thing, ‘losing’ your replace. After the nerf however, it quickly became clear that it wasn’t really worth it anymore, at least in the decks that it was usually played in. The cost of opportunity became too large compared to the potential payoff.
I’m quite certain that there’s still potential decks out there where it’s worth the deck slot, though, and I’d love for you to figure them out.


I believe that general populus dislikes the card because they consider it to be purely a 0 mana 1/1 which definitely isn’t worth of a slot in the deck. They don’t take into consideration the fact it cycles which is a fairly big deal. I do agree how it’s very easy to just look at the card and see it as being bad, especially for people who weren’t here when it was in every deck. It still easily might be bad, but I don’t think it’s that simple.


Wait, I just noticed that you forgot to mention the 2 damage ping. I think this makes the card worse, because pings may break your artifacts and / or cost you the game.


True, I didn’t emphasize it enough. I figured it’s not such a big deal as through the course of the game you really shouldn’t draw more than two of them. Aggro is cooling down too so taking such damage isn’t as big of a deal as it once was. And if one is running a deck with lots of artifacts you don’t want to include cards that damage your general anyway. Health is a resource after all and I don’t think Gazer consumes too much of it to be a problem. I might be wrong though, I don’t remember what was the state of the meta back before the card wasn’t nerfed but I vagualey recall aggro magmar with old songweavers, 4/1 tigers and 1 mana diretides being a thing.


I think the 2 damage ping on the general relegates it to super aggressive decks. I don’t have that much experience in playing aggro decks, so I can’t tell for sure. If it didn’t have the ping, it could probably fit some slower decks as a cycling option.


I might be wrong, but these are some of the reasons I think it isn’t used.
It spawns on a random tile nearby your general (I don’t own the card, so I can’t test it, but I used it a long time ago, and that’s how it was back then.), so it can only make a T1 grab for an outer mana crystal 1/4 of the time.
Replaces are a valuable thing, and summoning this guy for free means giving up your replace for the turn. In the early game, what if you have a Dreamgazer plus two dead cards in your hand? This would depend on what you swap out for Dreamgazer, as if you replace a two drop or similarly low cost card with it, you are generating another card that needs replacing.
What if you replace into it lategame? In the lategame, if you’re topdecking, you really need whatever you can get, and a 1/1 isn’t that. In general, replacing into it just means you have 1 fewer options for that turn.
Maybe it would be good in combo decks, or good if you’re missing 3 cards and don’t know what to put in to fill the empty space, but I’m not sure what I would want to remove from the lists I play to make room for Dreamgazer.


Well one of the points of running the card is to thin out your deck so if you don’t know what remove in order to fit them in then there’s no need to thin it out in the first place.

The card had the same issue when it was in every deck and it didn’t prevent people from not playing it. Sure it had 2 more stats then but I don’t think it makes a big difference. Topdeck scenarios aren’t that common and if you get there in the first place that means you probably already cycled one or two Gazers which means you’re improving your chances of drawing something you do need.

If you have two dead cards in the hand, does it really matter in what order you replace them? And if that happens often early on it’s issue with the deck being inconsistent as it is, regardless of the Gazers. You don’t put Gazers in your deck instead of quality cards you want to have, but instead of the three least important cards in your deck.


I played it in old Kara but wasn’t really happy with it, even as a 3/3 for 2 life and a card. I dídn’t make a specific thesis or cannot recall a pure reason, I just know that after playing with it in old Kara I just phazed it out for other stuff eventually. Even though playing it sometimes to avoid the damage was nice (in old Kara, again).

I have the same feeling about it as you do however, that it must be good in some decks, but I just don’t think it cuts it. I guess the difference with cycling cards in other games is that the replace mechanic exists, making the cycling intrinsically way less value than in games without it.


Maybe with Kara new BBS, or Mirkblood+pray RNGesus … but I definitely don’t see how Dreamgazer can be used efficiently.

Btw, thanks for reminding me of this card, because I realized I have 3 and these are Epic (wtf!), that’s gonna be 300 easy spirit.


This is spot on. He did outline that you get to cycle for free, but you do have to use your replace. It is practically for free you just have to use your replace to proc the effect. Same with any other replace cards. Has anyone ever topdecked a Kron as your only card and realized you can’t replace to generate your token? The Replace Function is a resource just like everything else in the game even though it is usually overlooked.


Because if I have enough Spirit to craft three epics I’d rather make three Makantors or Divine Immolations than three 1/1 Draw A Card :disappointed_relieved:

I’d like to try it out in a self-harm deck though but not enough to actually craft the other two I’d need.


Oh trust me, if this card had a draw effect attached to it rather than it playing itself for free when replaced, it would be in almost every single deck out there. It is unfortunately a bit more complicated than that. But yeah, fact that it’s epic certainly doesn’t help.


Hiiii please play me. :heart: :heart: :heart:


Seriously though, I think the value of the card depends on how important your early game is, how much you need to see specific cards and how much other draw you have to mitigate the bad draws of the card once you get out of the early game. Situationally, the life pings might matter too and it interferes with Keeper, for instance, so some decks will avoid it for that reason.

In other TCGs 0 mana cantrips have tended to be quite powerful, so my initial assumption on seeing Dreamgazer was it was a mandatory 3 of, but after actually playing some more and getting to understand the game better, it’s clearly no Gitaxian Probe.

The real question, I think, is how much is seeing it in your opening hand going to increase your win percentage vs how much is drawing into it later going to tank your win percentage. Also, it’s noteworthy that the card becomes worse in multiples since you can only “play” one per turn - but you want to play as many as possible to see it in your opening hand to maximise the value it gives you. Typically in my TCG experience a cantrip which creates a paradox like this is rarely worth playing unless you get some specific value from the card itself - here creating a cheap body or pinging yourself for 2. Neither seems particularly valuable.