Hearthstone packs=no legendary for me


hi its SaveTheRacoon
i would like to say my opinion about the comparison between hearthstone and duelyst
Hearthstone is almost the mother of online tcg moreover its one of the best.I adore card games but sadly my luck in the packs of hearthstone and arena was realy nice first of all i played around 4 months of hearthstone around everyday i used to get a pack or get into arena.Moreover i got not a single legendary in these 4 months of playing where i jump now to duelyst. The packs in duelyst are way more fun to since the chance of getting epics and legendary is not realy high but it is good and legendary are more easily obtainable but what i would like the most in the feature duelyst the monthly rewards should differ more since from the rank 20-10 get the same reward what would be nice that some prismatic cards would be awarded or if you reach s-rank that you get the prismatic version of the monthly epic or so.Last but no least prismatic cards could have a better animation or so like Ride of The Underworld has.


Yeah the drop rates are much better in Duelyst. You get cool cards much more often and you end up with much more spirit to craft new things that you want. Also you earn gold easier in this game compared to most others, so on top of having better drop rates it is also easier to get packs/orbs.

Prismatics are a divided topic in this community. There was even a poll in the past about them : POLL: User opinion on PRISMATIC card effects.

I think most people want a small rework, but there was a lot of talk about any major changes not flowing with the aesthetics of the game. I was on board for some minor changes, but I am not sure what could be done. Making a new or enhanced animation for everysingle unit/spell sounds like a toooon of work for the developers, and while I would like that to happen I don’t think it would be fair to assume they would do it. They have a lot on their plates already with other projects.

These links are for info on the card drop rates from orbs, you can read up on them if you are interested. It is worth noting that Core Orbs give you more Spirit than Shimizar Orbs.

Glad you enjoy the game, good luck in your future games!


Just as a note of future reference when posting on these glorious forums. Try splitting up your ideas, people tend to respect what you wrote a lot more if it isn’t a wall of text with questionable grammar and seeming somewhat like you’re rambling.


Thank you for the advice it was a little bit offensive but anyways thank you☺


Sorry, wasn’t meant to be offensive. Be warned though, people will be far more offensive than I. :wink:


I’m sorry, people here aren’t usually that rude, it’s just @phayze. He is always toxic :biohazard: :worried:

Anyway, formatting wise, your thread is absolutely fine. Coherent sentences, periods, grammar and paragraphs are way too overrated. As long as people can tell what you’re trying to say it’s fine. :smiley:

About your thread, yes, I agree. I wish I we would get a prismatic epic when reaching S. Getting a free legendary isn’t really enough. It’s so much effort after all. :thermometer_face:


No problem
Thanks for the warning :blush:


Deer God ( hahahaha, hahaha, best pun evar ).
I’ll reply to your points, but that’s only because I’m starting to have enough of people asking more, moooore and even more.

  • Different rewards ? No. Nope. Not at all. Already good enough.
  • Prismatic for S ? God damn, what’s with people and shiny stuff…
  • Better animations for Prismatic ? No. Prismatics are fine. I’d rather have proper unit skins.


Well we humans are like goblins we love shiny and stuff alike to that :smile:


Poe’s law dude

This time it’s really hard to tell if you’re being sarcastic again or just being genuine


Well, throw a coin !


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