Hearth Sister behaviour on Mana Springs


I’m pretty shure to say: When a enemy Minion is positioned on a Mana Spring by me (with Repulsor for example), the Mana is added to the opponents mana pool. (This rule seems illogical to me, but ok.)
Now I have a question about Hearth Sister: When you place her on an Mana Spring who will get the Mana? Is she placed first (Mana counts for yourself) and then the positions are switched or does the Opening Gambit cout before Mana is added to anyone?

Seems a simple question but I played Vanar a bit and didn’t dare to try it out for myself…


Opening Gambits always take effect before the minion comes into play. Hearthsister will move the enemy minion to the tile and give them the mana.


Thanx for reply!!!


Note that the bonus mana will expire at the end of your turn. So It’s still not a terrible play (as long as it’s a good play for other reasons), as it will deny the tile to your opponent. Just not as good as Vanar players would like it to be. :slight_smile:


Yeah - I’ve noticed this with repulsored enemies.
It’s more about if you can gain 10 or more Mana in one turn. But it’s clear now.
Thanx again!


I can’t imagine any scenario in which a mana tile is left that late in the game other than two players deliberately colluding to do it just for fun.


in daily challenges where you have 9 mana and there are mana tiles on the board, you can’t pick up the extra mana to get 10 mana. it just disappears like it was never there. you have to use at least 1 mana before you can pick up the extra mana from the tile